Guide and online module

With help from a number of sources, this guide was intended to help instructors plan, design, develop, and teach technology-enhanced courses and programs.

Included are guides that illustrate pedagogical design issues; tips on planning, developing, and writing course content; as well as planning and facilitating online interaction. Also included a description of various technologies to assist you in the process.  Much of this information is already available in this area of the Brock University web site.

Online guide

Anyone can access the online module, though members of the Brock University community are encouraged to join the join-able Isaak-Sakai site by going to logging in, and choosing to Join the site.

The full guide can be accessed by anyone.

More about this guide

This guide was adapted from the sources outlined below into a SoftChalk Lesson package.  The 184.6MB SoftChalk9 package is available at this link.  This package is most easily modified with SoftChalk, but can be edited by any web editor and published on any web site.

Material in this guide has been adapted with permission from Faculty Guide to Teaching and Learning with TechnologyET@MOUniversity of Missouri. Additionally, a number of videos and learning objects originally created for Carleton University’s cuOpen initiative have been included.

Supplementary and/or Brock University focused content has been added by Kyle Mackie Consulting Ltd and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation. Links to the source files for any Creative Commons material are included at the end of this guide.