Staff directory

Jill Grose

Jill Grose, PhD

905 688 5550 x4392
Thistle, TH137D

Jill joined CPI (then the Instructional Development Office) in 1998 and considers herself fortunate to have been able to grow such a dynamic and supportive team at CPI. Serving as the Centre’s Director, Jill is happiest when contributing to meaningful conversations about quality teaching, engaged student learning, and ways to remove systemic obstacles to both. For her, it’s about building both personal and institutional capacity: “The team at CPI has an amazing skill set for offering support to instructors in all aspects of their teaching. We also teach courses in different areas, and engage in institutional and departmental projects that contribute to improving student learning. Every day is different – which makes for an incredible learning experience.”

Contact me about:

  • Oversight of CPI activities
  • Teaching and Learning Policies
  • Curriculum Review
  • Dossier Development & Feedback
  • SoTL

Giulia Forsythe

Associate Director
905 688 5550 x3599
Thistle, TH137E

Giulia Forsythe has been the Special Projects Facilitator at Brock University’s Centre for Pedagogical Innovation since 2005. She supports the lofty goals of education to transform lives through high quality teaching, learning, research, and a commitment to equity, justice, and accessibility situated within our community. She is a champion for open education that serves to “honour different ways of knowing and demonstrating knowledge.”

Contact me about:

  • Instructional Design
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Event and Workshop Facilitation
  • Visual Practice
  • Open Education
Wanda Gilmore

Wanda Gilmore

Resource Co-ordinator
905 688 5550 x4344
Thistle, TH137G

Wanda has been CPI’s Resource Coordinator for 16 years. In a support staff role, she values being part of a great team, including faculty, staff and students with a common focus on teaching and learning. In her words: “Working collaboratively with groups across campus and connecting people to resources that enhance teaching and learning at Brock University is both gratifying and fulfilling – that is why I’m still here after 16 years.”

Contact me about:

  • CPI Resources
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Purchasing
  • Event Planning
Mike Brousseau

Mike Brousseau

Manager, Educational Technologies
905 688 5550 x3701
Thistle, TH137C

Mike started working at Brock in 2006 in Information Technology Services and has made CPI his home since 2010. He brings a pragmatic approach to the mixing of teaching, learning and educational technology that focuses on instructors and students’ needs first. He thoroughly enjoys the variety of his work, in his words, “I love that my duties can range widely day to day. It means one day working with an instructor on an innovative course assignment and the next shooting on-location video for an online course.”

Contact me about:

  • Educational Technology Adoption & Development
  • External Tool Integration
  • Educational Video Production
  • Online Course Development
Lianne Fisher

Lianne Fisher

Manager, Educational Development
905 688 5550 x5329
Thistle, TH137B

Lianne has been CPI’s Educational Developer since August 2012. Whether it’s working one-to-one or in small groups, Lianne helps instructors, TAs and faculty members acquire teaching skills and strategies in developing their own style as teachers. In her words: “How lucky am I that I get to work with individuals who are looking to make a difference to teaching and learning, and develop new and exciting ways of approaching the academic endeavor — it is fun and energizing to be a part of what people do.”

Contact me about:

  • Teaching Assistant Programming
  • GRST5P01 + Graduate Student Practicum
  • Instructional Skills Workshop
  • Teaching Observations
  • Teaching Dossiers
Marc Breschuk

Marc Breschuk

Educational Technologist
905 688 5550 x4341
Thistle, TH137A

Since joining CPI in 2013, Marc has guided teachers and educators in exploring and demystifying instructional technology resources. He stresses the importance of making informed choices to implement technologies that will have the greatest value to student learning. As he says: “The outcome is always greater when time is taken to best appreciate a technical undertaking from all perspectives and to work through both the background and the practical steps involved.”

Contact me about:

  • Isaak-Sakai
  • Technology-Enabled Assignments
  • Course Evaluations Online with eXplorance Blue
Photography of Jennifer Kopczinski

Jennifer Kopczinski

Curriculum Specialist
905 688 5550 x4482
Thistle, TH136

Jennifer joined the CPI team in 2018 and has been a member of the Brock community since 2012. As the Curriculum Specialist she supports faculty in developing innovative experiential education initiatives and incorporating high impact educational practices into their courses that align with program learning outcomes and degree level expectations. In her words: “Working with the Brock community to foster experiences that honor diverse ways of teaching and learning is both a privilege and a mission.”

Contact me about:

  • Experiential Education
  • Reflection-based Assessments
  • High Impact Practices
  • Curriculum Mapping
Alisa Cunnington

Alisa Cunnington

Educational Technologies Support Assistant
905 688 5550 x3413
Thistle, TH137B

Alisa joined the CPI team in early 2019, having been a part of the Brock University teaching and learning community since the Walker complex addition was a parking lot.  Alisa is happiest making complicated information or problems seem human, manageable, and accessible.  Supporting and troubleshooting the operation of educational technologies while imagining creative ways of using available technologies are some of the ways she enjoys exploring the many facets of teaching and learning.  In her words: “Let’s see what we can do together to figure that out.”

Contact me about:

  • Isaak-Sakai
  • Online Video
  • Teaching with Technology

Additional Supports

Dr. Madelyn Law head shot

Madelyn Law

Faculty Associate
Experiential Education

Dr. Madelyn Law is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences. She has been Faculty Associate since 2015. In this role Dr. Law has provided leadership for the development of the experiential education definitions at Brock which will allow for the tracking, reporting and plans for enhancements for experiential learning at the University. She draws on her teaching background that has involved service learning projects such as the I-EQUIP program in which Brock students work with health system professionals in Niagara on specific projects related to health quality. In Madelyn’s words: “Experiential education lets students discover how and where they can apply their academic learning to make a difference in their communities and, at the same time, shape their career aspirations.”

Contact me about:

  • Experiential Education
Matt Clare

Matt Clare

Project Manager
SIS Modernization

Matt is currently on leave from the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation. Please forward any comment or concerns to or

Matt has 15 years of experience in teaching and learning technology at Brock. He thrives, thanks to a very healthy sense of curiosity, in a project and support role that lets him work alongside the expertise of faculty and staff from a wide variety of subject areas across Brock. In his words, his foremost contribution is to: “Make technology an enabling element in teaching and learning, not an obstacle … it is important that self-support is always offered and facilitated support is ready during operating hours.”

Contact me about:

  • SIS Project Management