Experiential Education

As a longstanding leader in experiential education across Canada, Brock is proud to celebrate the efforts of our Faculty who take a student-centered approach to teaching and foster opportunities for students to put theory into practice. As an institution founded by the local community, experiential education and community partnerships have been central in our history since our inception and a play a strong part in our future direction. With government support through funding and as part of our Institutional strategic plan and Strategic Mandate Agreement, the intention of this guidebook is to provide support and resources for faculty interested in developing experiential components of academic courses.

In partnership with the Experiential Education team, CPI supports efforts to integrate experiential education opportunities into courses and across programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The Faculty Guidebook on Experiential Education is a resource to faculty and instructors who want to explore experiential education as a teaching and learning practice.

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Faculty Guidebook on Experiential Education

Learn about the value of experiential education as a teaching practice. Explore how you can build experiential learning into your courses. Discover resources for course design, assessment, reflection, and logistics.