Open Educational Resources

The term Open Educational Resources (OER) was first introduced at a conference hosted by UNESCO in 2000 and was promoted in the context of providing free access to educational resources on a global scale.

On December 7, 2017 Brock Library, BUSU, and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation hosted an OER Teaching and Learning Event.

Video recordings of sessions will be available on this site in early 2018.

The follow-up discussion about OER took place on January 15.

Brock’s James A. Gibson Library offers a set of OER guides on its website. It defines OER as “…any educational resources (including curriculum maps, course materials, textbooks, streaming videos, multimedia applications, podcasts, and any other materials that have been designed for use in teaching and learning) that are openly available for use by educators and students, without an accompanying need to pay royalties or licence fees.”

Presentation Materials from the OER Teaching and Learning Event


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