Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants

Teaching and Learning Innovation grants are administered by the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) and Experiential Education (EE) and are designed to support initiatives that make a positive contribution to the teaching and learning environment of Brock University.  These funds offer support for the development and sustainability of innovative courses contributing to program improvement in three main areas, all of which are part of our current SMA: Experiential education, high impact practices (HIPs) and e-learning.   Funds are also available for professional development in these three areas; in some cases, funds must be matched by other sources of funds such as departmental or decanal grants.

All full time, tenured and probationary faculty are eligible to apply for the Teaching & Learning Innovation Grants.  To access details about the grants choose “Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant Guidelines” below. To submit a proposal, please email any supporting documentation in word or pdf format to the appropriate contact listed in each category of the guidelines.

For additional information contact cpi@brocku.ca or eeac@brocku.ca