Technology-enabled learning

web enabled tablet with a chalk and chalkboard

Brock University attracts a diverse and digitally-engaged student body. These students embrace the digital era, effortlessly navigating the realms of self-expression, communication, and social interaction within the wired and interconnected landscape. As they pursue higher education, they naturally expect to share their academic and personal experiences through digital platforms and leverage new media skills that resonate with their modern reality.

CPI can support instructors in a variety of ways:

  • Consultation and instructional design review of eLearning courses being offered in a blended or online format
  • Online course evaluations administered by the CPI based upon the department’s existing course evaluation instrument or the CPI’s standardized instrument for online course evaluations
  • Lead instructors in AODA compliance review of course content
  • The opportunity to participate in CPI’s Guide to Teaching with Technology
  • TA Training/ Workshops/ Consultation
  • Audio/Video Services
  • With our partners in the Library, Information Technology Services, Instructors can access Brock University’s private video recording, distribution and conferencing tools.