Asynchronous Video

Asynchronous video, or pre-recorded video, is typically shared at Brock University through Brightspace or MS Teams/OneDrive. Students can add a video to almost all assignment submissions or discussion posts with Brightspace’s integrated features. Instructors have access to YuJa video, for additional functionality including integration with how accommodations are handled at Brock University.


Yuja is Brock University’s primary instructional video platform as of the fall of 2023 and can be accessed through Brightspace Course Tools and “Insert Stuff” dialogues.

As part of regular renewal of Brock University’s service agreements, YuJa was selected as Brock University’s instructional video platform in 2023, augmenting Brightspace’s integrated video functionality.

Learn more about YuJa at Brock University.

Related and Legacy Platforms

Echo360 was formally Brock University’s campus-wide video streaming platform and served Brock University well through the pandemic. A 2023 RFP resulted in Brock University transitioning to YuJa and emphasizing Brightspace’s Video Notes tool for students. Brock University videos hosted in Echo360 will not be available through Echo360 in 2024.

Instructor’s Echo360 videos were transitioned to YuJa. Existing Echo360 embeds were automatically replaced with their YuJa equivalents in Brighspace, though instructor intervention to re-add the YuJa version is occasionally needed.

Brock University also made us of Microsoft Stream (Classic), which Microsoft is retiring on Feb. 15, 2024, Brock’s Information Technology Services (ITS) team recommends that all users move their videos at their earliest convenience. Users are already being directed to the new Stream (on SharePoint) in Microsoft 365 and will no longer have access to Stream (Classic) and videos stored there following the retirement date.


Microsoft PowerPoint, as part of the Office365 suite of tools, has built-in audio and timing recording functionality which allows instructors to narrate their own PowerPoint presentations. Instructors can use the same slides they already have, record audio, and then export this file in a video format (MP4 or MOV) using the recorded timings and narrations.

Once your PPTX has been exported as a video you can share it in Brightspace.

Narrate a PowerPoint presentation. All Brock University students are entitled to the latest version of PowerPoint.