Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant – Canada Games Stream Application

The Canada Games Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants are intended to enhance student learning by offering faculty members one-time funding to develop innovative ways to incorporate Canada Games content and community projects into Brock courses. 

While the initiative will have an impact in the current time frame, helping faculty members investigate new ways to enhance courses and re-align them with community-minded aspects of the Games, it will also have a longer-term legacy, as any new pedagogies that are developed would be available for use for community events well beyond the 2022 Games. 

Funded by the University’s Provost and Vice President-Academic, the program sets aside $50,000, from which faculty members can apply for up to $3,000. 

Grants would support a range of initiatives, including: 

  • creating student placement or service learning opportunities related to the Games; 
  • or situations in which students work with community organizations on topics linked to the Games (i.e., creating physical education content for schools linked to the Games); 
  • or creating content about the Games to support learning in the class (i.e., interactive online module about the history of the Games). 

For more information on Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants, go to the CPI website. 

To learn about other faculty and instructors that have incorporated the Canada Games into their courses, please visit the Brock-Canada Games Teaching Profiles page. 

Complete the online application form below to apply for a Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant to fund a project under the Canada Games stream.

Prior to submitting the application please ensure that you have reviewed the Conditions of the Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant.

There will be three application deadlines: June 18, October 13, February 11

Applications will be adjudicated by representatives from the Canada Games Curricular Subcommittee and recipients will be notified by the end of each submission month.


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  • This grant will fund a course innovation related to: * Required
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  • Does the proposed course innovation fall within Brock's definitions of experiential education? * Required
    For more information on Brock's categories and definitions of experiential education please visit the Faculty Guidebook on Experiential Education: https://brocku.ca/ccee/experiential-education/faculty-guidebook/
  • If the course innovation will be associated with multiple courses use the + button at the end of the row to add additional rows.
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  • Provide a brief title for the course innovation you intend to undertake with the grant funds. If the application is approved, this title will appear on the Brock Canada Games and CPI websites and may appear in other Brock publications.
  • Provide a brief description of the course innovation for which you are requesting funds (400 character limit). If the application is approved, this description will appear on the Brock Canada Games and CPI websites and may appear in other Brock publications.
  • Provide a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of the course innovation and your activities to bring the innovation to fruition. This description should be short and concise but cover each of these areas: (1) DESCRIPTION of the intended course innovation; (2) clear RATIONALE for this innovation; (3) GOALS for student learning including learning outcomes; (4) how the CANADA GAMES will be leveraged to achieve the learning outcomes for students; (5) anticipated IMPACT on students and/or the Brock community and/or the Niagara regional community; (6) how this is a new or INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHOD and why you are interested in exploring this in your course; (7) how this will extend your own TEACHING DEVELOPMENT GOALS
  • Alignment to Brock's Strategic Plan (2018-2025) * Required
    Which of the priority areas does the proposed course innovation support in Brock's Strategic Plan (2018-2025)? Please select all that apply. To review Brock's Strategic Plan (2018-2025) please visit: https://brocku.ca/strategic-plan/wp-content/uploads/sites/192/Brock-University-Strategic-Plan.pdf
  • Briefly describe how the proposed course innovation will support the priority area(s) identified above and contribute to Brock's Strategic Plan. (400 character limit)
  • Please upload any documents that you have already prepared related to the course innovation (e.g. course outline, assignment guide, rubric, learning resource, instructional plan, etc.)
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    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, jpg, png, xls.

  • Outline the time frame for the proposed project including the projected START and END DATES and MAJOR MILESTONES. You may use point form.

  • Describe how the course innovation will be sustained. Address FINANCIAL sustainability and INSTRUCTIONAL sustainability. Please provide clear description of how the innovation that you are proposing will be sustained beyond the conclusion of the Canada Summer Games in August 2021. (e.g. creation of an online module for students which can then be reused for future classes; creation of a student project framework that can be followed in future courses; creation and inclusion of an open education resource (OER) into the course; a community engagement component that is flexible to expand to other community partners in future courses; proof of concept and then advocate for funding from other sources)

  • Indicate the total amount of funding you are requesting for this course innovation grant. *Please note that while there is no minimum, the total amount requested cannot exceed $3000.
  • Provide a detailed budget of the expenses for which you are requesting funding through this grant. Additional rows can be added using the + button at the end of each row. *Please note that the total amount requested cannot exceed $3000. Exceptions to the grant maximum will be considered in exceptional circumstances. Examples of budget items that can be funded include (this is not an exhaustive list): cost of a course development assistant; guest speaker honorarium; events with community partners; travel to community locations; course supplies. Examples of items that are excluded from funding include (this is not an exhaustive list): funds to hire teaching assistants or marker/graders; online platforms/software; websites; data collection or analysis for research not intended for course use; co-op placements for students.
    Expense itemDescriptionAmount ($) 
  • Outline any additional sources of funding that have been requested/secured for the course innovation. Additional rows can be added using the + button at the end of each row.
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  • Have you consulted with a member of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) about the proposed course innovation? * Required
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  • Have you consulted with your the Brock-Canada Summer Games Faculty Champion in your Faculty about the proposed course innovation? * Required
    Please see the list of Faculty Champions on the Brock-Canada Games website: https://brocku.ca/canada-games/curricular-subcommittee/
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    Brock-Canada Games Faculty Champions 
  • Have you consulted with any other individuals in the Brock community about the proposed course innovation? * Required
    (e.g. Experiential Education Coordinator)
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    Other (e.g. Experiential Education Coordinator) 

  • Please provide any additional information that the committee may find relevant in adjudicating your grant application. You are welcome to use the textbox below and/or upload documents.
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    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, jpg, png, xls.

  • I confirm that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Teaching & Learning Innovation Grants. If funded, I commit to openly sharing the results of the project (including but not limited to course outlines, assignment guides and rubrics, learning resources, and instructional plans) to the Brock community and beyond in order to inform and support future academic projects. Additionally, I commit to reporting on the progress/result of this project at future teaching and learning events hosted by CPI and/or the Brock-Canada Games Committee.
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