Brian de Ruiter

Brian Deruiter head shotBrian has been a sessional instructor since 2008, teaching across multiple academic units at Brock, including the Centre for Digital Humanities and the Centre for Canadian Studies. Prior to 2008, Brian was employed at Brock as a teaching assistant since 2003.



His vast teaching experience includes diverse subject matter, some examples include:

  • IASC 1F02: Being Human in a Digital World. — this online context credit course is the Centre for Digital Humanities largest enrolment course, attracting students from every undergraduate faculty – upwards of 700 each year in its Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer sections. Given the diverse background of students enrolled in the course, Brian tailors his lectures to include a range of topics that are relevant to students so that they become more engaged.
  • in the Centre for Canadian Studieshis courses have included CANA 1F91 Introduction to Canadian Studies; CANA 2P91: Culture and Power in Canada I: Cultural Communities and CANA 2P92: Culture and Power in Canada II: Cultural Institutions. He has also participated in curriculum mapping and is working towards transitioning CANA 2P91 and CANA 2P92 into online courses for the purpose of attracting more minors in Canadian Studies.

In addition to his teaching, Brian has also been a course coordinator for the Department of History, the Centre for Intercultural Studies and the Centre for Digital Humanities.

David Hutchison, Professor, Department of Educational Studies and Director, Centre for Digital Humanities, who co-designed the IASC 1F02 three years ago, says the following in his letter of support for Brian: “I can think of no one who I would more trust with the teaching responsibility for the course than Brian. In all of our interactions – planning for the course, supporting individual students, improving/innovating the course – Brian’s dedication and professionalism shine through.”
“Brian is committed to his students, a team player, and a valued colleague who I have been pleased to entrust the teaching of the Centre for Digital Humanities’ largest enrolment course to over multiple years.”

Brian’s teaching evaluation results are exemplary which is especially noteworthy given that many of his courses are large enrolment and online. The teaching evaluation ratings average for Brian’s 1st and 2nd year courses are 87% and 91% respectively. Notably, the teaching evaluation ratings average for the large enrolment courses he teaches (250+ students) is 87%.

One student who has successfully completed several of Brian’s courses wrote that Brian “is an outstanding instructor, not only because he is exceptionally organized, enthusiastic, and intelligent, but also because he is always willing to go the extra mile to help others.”

Another student talks about how Brian helped her to get back on track following a disappointing first assignment grade in IASC 1F02. She describes Brian’s teaching as “fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding.” His teaching led this student to “reflect on my own impact and contributions to the global issues we discussed.”