Shawna Hopper TA Award co-recipient 2022

headshot of Shawna HopperShawna Hopper is a second year Masters student in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, whose research focuses on aging and subjective cognitive decline. During her time at Brock, Shawna has been a teaching assistant across departments and has displayed a genuine desire to support student success. Through the completion of numerous workshops and certificates, it is clear that Shawna is dedicated to improving and refining her pedagogy. She aims to continue on to a career in teaching in order to inspire future generations to care about, and study, the health of older populations. 

As a TA Shawna has worked to create a teaching and learning environment that is supportive, productive, challenging, and welcoming. For Shawna building such an environment acknowledges “learning is a lifelong process. As such, I am committed to continually improve my teaching by attending workshops, collecting and implementing feedback, and reflecting on my teaching. I hope to inspire students and make a lasting impact in their academic experience.” 


“One of Shawna’s most inspiring qualities is her optimism and work ethic. Shawna always has a smile on her face – and treats students with outstanding respect and compassion.” 

“I have seen her ability to effectively communicate and educate through her interactions with students. She manages to do all this while simultaneously being very personable and developing a very good rapport with those she works with.”