Megan Magier Graduate TA Award 2022

headshot of Megan MagierIn 2018, Megan graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor in Science and Minor in Medical Physiology. She then started her Masters of Science at Brock, where she began working as a teaching assistant in Health Sciences. Her joy for teaching grew during this time as she was able to work as a teaching assistant for multiple courses. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Behavioural and Population Level Health and is continuing to work as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Health Science. She hopes to continue learning and gaining experience in her reflective teaching practice. 

In her role as a TA Megan has demonstrates a commitment to creating an equitable and accessible teaching and learning environment for her students. Megan “want[s] my students to know they are in a safe, equitable space, where they are respected, so that they can thrive.” 


Megan’s “authenticity is not easily replicated by others. She is resourceful, approachable, enthusiastic, innovative, knowledgeable, and regularly goes above and beyond for her students. As a result of her ongoing efforts, her students gain a strong understanding of the course content and develop skills necessary to succeed in their program.”  

“Megan’s desire to help goes beyond the direct work with students, as she doesn’t hesitate to offer suggestions and propose new ideas to help in the classroom environment. If content needs to be adapted, she’ll often have an idea or can tailor the process to fit the needs of the group.”