Bruna Fernandes TA Award co-recipient 2022

headshot of Bruna FernandesI am a Nursing Master’s student at Brock University. Prior to enrolling at Brock, I studied at Concordia University – Montreal, where I was granted a Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as at the University of Alberta, where I completed a Bachelor in Nursing. I have an established nursing practice in Surgical, ENT and Ophthalmology Nursing, with experience in outpatient and inpatient settings. 

In my nursing practice, the teaching and learning of patients, fellow nurses and myself was a priority for me. I often took opportunities to refine nursing practice through implementation of best practice and the most up-to-date evidence available. As well as improve patient education by seeking educational materials that were congruent with the needs of each patient. 

Prior to official enrolment into the program, I learnt of CPI and the great resources they offer to teaching assistant. As my career goal is to become a professor, I began enrolling in workshops over the Summer and by date I have completed certificates in Advanced Teaching in Higher Education, Online Teaching in Higher Education and the Instructional Strategy Workshop (ISW). I am also enrolled in the Teaching Practicum and GRST 5P01. I believe pursing education in teaching and learning is essential to establish a coherent and cohesive teaching practice. I also believe those workshops/courses provided me with the base to support my students needs and learning. I am also passionate about creating an inclusive environment for my students, as I believe students learn best when they feel they belong in the classroom. 

At Brock University, I have thought nursing courses, in the virtual and in-person setting, NUSC 1P10: Professional and Therapeutic Communication and NUSC 3P20: Nursing Ethics, respectively, as a teaching assistant. I have also taught in a nursing hospital rotation, NUSC 1F18: Nursing Theory and Clinical Practicum: Experiencing Illness and Hospitalization, as a clinical educator. 

In her role as a TA Bruna has demonstrated a commitment to the feedback process and professional learning. For Bruna, “Teaching is a great responsibility and I take it seriously.”  


“Bruna is inspiring; she knows how to teach, she has a vast knowledge of the course content, and she cares deeply about her student’s success and wellbeing.” 

“Bruna’s passion for teaching was evident at every class I attended. She truly wanted to help myself and my peers succeed.”