Zain Virani 2021 TA Award

Zain Virani

Zain Virani has worked as a TA in several courses the Department of Economics including: ECON 2P90 (Introduction to Econometrics), ECON 3P90 (Econometrics), ECON 2P30 (Foundations of Economic Analysis), and ECON4P06 (Microeconometrics).

In his role as a TA Zain has demonstrated a commitment to the feedback process and professional learning. Zain has sought feedback on his teaching from both instructors and students and has drawn upon that feedback to support his efforts to continually improve his teaching practice. For Zain, this has become central to his teaching: “[E]engaging in professional development courses and studying about teaching and learning has allowed me to appreciate the importance of reflecting on and constantly improving my practices.”


“Zain has demonstrated his commitment to assisting others in reaching their educational goals through his exceptional availability to students, his fair, consistent, and transparent marking, his ability to adapt to student teaching needs, and his constant interaction with the class, which provides a positive learning environment.”

“I was a student not that long ago, so I remember what it is like to have an instructor that intimidates you. Zain is anything but the scary and antiquated version of a university instructor. His cheerfulness compliments his intelligence, which I believe makes him very approachable.”