Esther Wainaina 2021 International TA Award

Esther Wainaina

Esther Wainaina, Faculty of Education. 2021 International TA Award Winner

Esther Wainaina is a Masters of Education student in the Faculty of Education and a TA for the EDUC1F95 (Introduction to Foundations of Education) course.

During her time as a TA Esther has demonstrated a commitment to the creation of an equitable teaching and learning environment. For Esther effective teaching is rooted in three core elements: mindfulness, connectedness, and the building of community: “I strongly believe that in a teaching and learning environment, the teacher and the student are deeply connected in mutual relationships.” Drawing from lessons learned from her grandmother and the African philosophy of Ubuntu Esther’s commitment to supporting students and effective instruction is noted by both her colleagues and students.


“[Esther] is a compassionate leader and educator. She also has a great ability to connect with students; often going an extra mile to provide constructive feedback and valuable support to help them succeed with their studies.”

“I have observed Esther preparing her seminars and presentations and her focus was always on highlighting key content that will prepare the students to reflect and use the new terms and concepts in their daily life as future educators. Her dynamic delivery and use of storytelling made her lessons engaging and interesting.”