2020 Orientation Experience

Be connected. Be supported. Be ready. Be you.

Welcome to Brock! As an incoming graduate student in a year like no other, we want you to know that we are ready to support your Brock experience and success.

BU4U is a series of online orientation experiences that will provide you with personalized support, from your transition to Brock in the summer and throughout your first year as a graduate student.

Be ready to experience...


Opportunities to meet other incoming students and receive guidance to help you feel connected to one another, your academics, and your community at Brock and Niagara.


You will be connected to an upper-year, peer mentor who will help you navigate life at Brock through an individualized approach.


Before your courses begin, strengthen your academic skills and explore tips and strategies to succeed in your courses, whether they are online, in-person or a combination of both


Get prepared for your academics and complete the BrockU 101 course on Sakai, the home of your online academic courses.

Engagement Communities

Sign up to participate in a first-year Engagement Community and get connected with other students in your Faculty and a Peer Mentor.


Let’s uncover the leadership skills you didn’t know you had!

Start your graduate academic journey by learning about your fundamental personality type and preference. Understanding your personality type is important for learning to effectively relate to others. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you will learn how to improve your academic, personal and professional relationships, as well as increase your own productivity and emotional resiliency.


Your Peer Mentor and your Engagement Community will help ensure you have an exceptional experience by connecting you to services, supports, and opportunities that will help you succeed and call Brock home. We are here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Be on the lookout for e-mails to your Brock student account that will tell yo how to get started with BU4U.

For support accessing your Brock email, please review this information.

No. There will be no fee for students to participate in the BU4U orientation programs.

BU101 is an free, non-credit, asynchronous online academic skills program to build your technology, scheduling, notetaking, and studying skills. There will be additional modules on academic writing and statistics. A link to join BU101 will be available on this site starting mid August.

Engagement Communities bring together incoming students from different Faculties and academic programs, with similar personal interests into small groups and are a place you can connect with other graduate students, make friends, attend virtual events, ask questions and learn about resources.

Your Peer Mentor will engage with you beginning in August. Your mentor is dedicated to supporting your individual goals and needs and will connect you to services and resources for your success. In addition, your mentor will connect you to involvement opportunities and answer your questions related to life at Brock. You will be connected to a Peer Mentor via an Engagement Community. Your Peer Mentor may be in the same academic program and/or have similar interests as you.

A program to help incoming Brock students get involved outside the classroom through engagement in a variety of themed online experiences that will occur over the first six weeks of the Fall 2020 term. Each week, students will attend a variety of events, workshops, and other online programming led by Peer Mentors within their Engagement Community, to build knowledge, networks, and skills that contribute to an exceptional first year experience.

After the First Six Weeks, you will continue to get involved outside the classroom using ExperienceBU to find opportunities to stay connected and engaged. Support will also continue throughout your first year, too.

On September 8th, the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) will co-host a live, virtual orientation event. The purpose of this event is to introduce you to key contacts within FGS and GSA, and resources on campus that are valuable to graduate students.

The event will also introduce the graduate studies Individual Development Plan (IDP), and provide a professional development workshop to kick start completion of your IDP.