Conference funds

The FGS Conference Funds financially support current Brock graduate students by reimbursing conference expenses up to $500 per student.

Pre-Approval Request Form

The first step for a graduate student travelling for a conference is to fill out the Pre-approval Form with their information and supervisor’s approval.


  • Full-time (research-based) registered graduate student at the time of travel
  • Master’s or doctoral student presenting their research in connection with their graduate program
  • received supervisor approval prior to conference travel
  • requested and received pre-approval prior to the proposed date of conference travel from FGS
  • have a confirmed minimum of $100 from at least one other source of conference travel funding (e.g. from your program, department, faculty, supervisor, faculty travel award, etc.)

Note: funding is not guaranteed (subject to budget). Students are only eligible once per academic cycle (May 1 to April 30).

The pre-approval deadline is 30 days before the conference start date.

Required documentation to be submitted with the Pre-Approval Request Form:

  • Supervisor approval (PDF): email correspondence is acceptable as long as it clearly demonstrates approval
  • Program approval/confirmation of at least one funding source of a minimum of $100 (PDF)

Please note that even if you receive pre-approval, you must meet eligibility requirements to receive funding at the time you submit your application for FGS Conference Funds.

We recommend you use the Student Checklist (below) as a resource. It provides brief instructions and outlines supporting documentation to collect before, during, and after travel to prepare you for submitting your Application for FGS Conference Funds.

After the pre-approval form is submitted, the graduate student will receive an email approx. 2 to 3 days after submission outlining if they are eligible for the funds and the next steps of their conference reimbursement.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies will usually pay expenses up to a maximum of $500, providing appropriate documentation, receipts are submitted, and other sources of funding are available.

The pre-approval extends only to 60 days from the conference date. If you do not submit your travel claim within 60 days from the conference date, you are no longer eligible for FGS Conference Funds, and your application will not be accepted.

Helpful Resources

The resources for the FGS Conference Funds can be found on Brock’s SharePoint here and include:

Other Helpful Links