Welcome to GRADvantage – Brock University’s Development Guide for Graduate Students

The GRADvantage guide is organized into four focus areas with key skills associated with each one. This will help you focus your personal and professional development efforts on what you want or need to work on as you navigate your graduate studies.

Click on one or more focus areas to explore what GRADvantage can offer you.

GRADvantage is a personal and professional development guide for graduate students. This guide can help set you up for success both during and after grad school and help you prepare for whatever the next step in your journey will be. This hub of information is your “one stop shop” to learn about how Brock University can help support your personal and professional growth.

GRADvantage is designed for ALL graduate students across all faculties, programs, and disciplines. If you are a graduate student at Brock University, GRADvantage has something to offer you!

Experiences and skills are at the heart of GRADvantage. It can connect you to opportunities and activities that will help you further develop key transferable skills. We refer to these key skills as “transferable” because they will help you succeed at Brock University and beyond and prepare you to navigate an ever-changing world.

What can GRADvantage do for you?

· Connect you with campus partners who can help support your development and success

· Help you learn about helpful services and resources

· Keep you informed about workshops and events that will enrich your experience