GRADvantage is a development framework to support students during their graduate studies and beyond. It is organized into five areas of development to help guide graduate student success.

How does GRADvantage work?


Engage with the GRADvantage framework as a centralized hub of academic and professional development resources.


Explore the development area(s), workshops and events that will compliment your graduate journey


Enhance your experience by participating in GRADvantage opportunities and connecting with Brock supports.

Five Areas of Development

Explore the different areas of development and decide your path based on your unique interests and goals for the future. Each development area includes specific skill development opportunities and experiences to help graduate students succeed at Brock University and beyond.

COMMUNICATORS will master communication skills (using multiple modalities) to communicate complex ideas and translate knowledge to diverse audiences in various contexts.  

LEADERS will inspire, support, and foster growth, success, and well-being in yourself and others through academic pursuits and personal and practical contexts.  

COMMUNITY BUILDERS will authentically embody the qualities and competencies and create connections through meaningful, academic, and experiential engagement.  


RESEARCHERS will engage in opportunities to generate original, meaningful, and collaborative research to create, advance, and apply information locally, nationally, and globally. 

INNOVATORS will implement and foster a social, cultural, and commercial mindset across various research and innovation contexts.  

What GRADvantage aims to achieve

  • Connect you with campus partners who can help support your development and success 
  • Help you learn about helpful services and resources 
  • Keep you informed about workshops and events that will enrich your graduate journey 
  • Provide opportunities for you to develop your skills and reflect on your experiences 
  • Help you define yourself within academic studies and future careers 

Your GRADvantage Support Partners

Brock International helps equip International and Canadian students with the tools and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly diverse, competitive education structure and global economy. We offer a wide range of programs and services for International students to adjust to a new academic life at Brock and to life in Canada, such as: 

  • Asynchronous, academic skills resources on Brightspace
  • Welcome Day and orientation/transitional support to Brock & Canada
  • Immigration Advising
  • Volunteer opportunities and much more


To learn more, contact us at Brock International  

Take advantage of the extensive resources and supports available through the Brock University Library to get help with learning, sharing, developing ideas and embarking on your research journey.

  • Book a research consultation with a Liaison Librarian or chat with a librarian. 
  • See workshops and events on the Library’s ExperienceBU page.  

  Questions? Visit Brock Library 

Whether you are developing technology skills, exploring a creative idea, or starting a business, Brock LINC programs, events and services are open to anyone looking for support on the innovation journey. 

  • Get help with bringing your ideas to life with programs, mentors, and coaches to guide your journey. 
  • Enhance your research capacity with digital tools, KMb support, and learn about partnerships and commercialization. 

For general inquiries, visit Brock LINC 

Contemplating a career in the teaching and learning space? Take advantage of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation’s offerings. 

  • Workshops offered in the TA Workshop Series (for teaching assistants, lab demonstrators, course coordinators, marker-graders, and seminar leaders) 
  • Certificate programs, including the Instructional Skills Workshop, the Certificates in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and the Graduate TA Practicum 

Questions? Visit the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation  

Gain a competitive edge. Experience and career/professional knowledge will give you a critical advantage in today’s labour market. CCEE offers a variety of hands-on learning opportunities in your graduate programs and through co-curricular experiences. 

Connect with us for: 

  • Non-academic career exploration and consulting 
  • Feedback on your Curriculum Vitae (CV), Resume, Cover Letter or Statement of Intent 
  • Interview Preparation and Practice 
  • LinkedIn Profile Review and Building Relationships via Social Media 
  • Translating Academic Skills to Industry 
  • Industry and Career-Related Events 

Questions? Contact Career Education  

If you’re a graduate student, you’re already a member of the GSA! As a member of this association, you are encouraged to: 

  • Access valuable services and helpful mental health and wellness tools 
  • Get involved as an Executive or join the Board of Directors or committees 

See workshops and events on GSA’s ExperienceBU page 

Questions? Visit Graduate Student’s Association  

The Hadiya’dagénhahs First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Student Centre is a space for all students to feel welcome.  

  • Access cultural, social, and academic support to maintaining and enhancing Indigenous students’ cultural identity in an educational setting.  
  • Collaborate with community partners to ease the transition to university by providing a safe and supportive environment throughout the learning journey.  

For more information contact a member of the Hadiyaˀdagénhahs First Nations, Métis and Inuit Student Centre 

HRE provides services, support, and training on accessibility, anti-racism, gender and sexual violence, and intercultural awareness.  

  • Access their many helpful and informative resources 
  • Complete one or more training programs, including sexual violence workshops and intercultural training and certification 
  • Get involved in social justice and advocacy by volunteering with HRE 

See HRE’s ExperienceBU page for more training sessions, workshops, and event listings 

Questions? Contact the HRE team. 

Communicating effectively through writing, collaborating with others, and using online learning tools proficiently will help you succeed in your academic and research pursuits.  

  • Book a 1: 1 appointment with our Writing Specialist  
  • Explore their helpful resources, including BU501 
  • See workshops and events on the Learning Services ExperienceBU page 

Questions? Visit Learning Services  

Access technology, services, and collaborative learning opportunities to build your technological know-how and skills. 

  • Gain access and support with equipment (hardware) and software tools 
  • Access their comprehensive consultation design services 
  • Get started with online tutorials 

Visit the Makerspace ExperienceBU page for workshop and event listings 

Questions? Contact Brock’s Makerspace. 

The University’s commitment to excellence in research and innovation drives the strategic priorities of the Office of Research Services (ORS). Support from ORS includes: 

  • Assisting with and providing training on both internal and external grant funding opportunities. 
  • Support regarding research communications and knowledge mobilization 
  • Support in discovering real-world applications to research, including patents etc.

Questions? Contact Office of Research Services

Broaden your experiences and build your resume or CV by taking advantage of opportunities outside the classroom that complement your academic studies.  

  • Leadership programs, including interactive workshops and courses  
  • Volunteering on and off campus or joining the Brock University Volunteer Association (BUVA)  

See opportunities and events listed on the Student Life ExperienceBU page.  

Questions? Contact the Student Life team. 

The Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre can play a key role in helping you thrive as a graduate student by supporting your mental and physical health and well-being through: 

  • Crisis resources, including urgent and same-day counselling 
  • Appointments for confidential personal counselling 
  • Access to mental health resources, including Student Health and Wellness HUB 
  • Student Accessibility Services, including accommodations and learning supports  

Group sessions, workshops, and events on SWAC’s ExperienceBU page 

Questions? Visit the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre 

GRADvantage is a personal and professional development support framework that engages graduate students in all programs and streams to help create your path based on interests and goalsGRADvantage is designed to help you succeed throughout your graduate school experience and towards your future next steps. This information hub collaborates with key supports and resources to help support your personal and professional growth.