Awards and Scholarships

Each year, the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Brock University invests millions of dollars into our graduate students and the research they are pursuing.

Financial support is a top priority at Brock University. Brock offers our full-time research based graduate students a funding package for the defined length of the graduate program (master’s programs 3 to 6 terms, doctoral programs 12 terms).

There are many scholarship and award opportunities outside of Brock’s funding package. Students are encouraged to explore all options available to them in support of their graduate education. Please be sure to carefully review all deadlines.

There are a number of awards available exclusively to Brock graduate students. View them here.

There are awards open to all research-based graduate students through different agencies. Learn more here.

The Graduate Student Association offers bursaries and awards for Brock graduate students. Learn more here.

Tuition and Payments

For information on how to find your tuition information, make payments on your account, and manage your financial resources, go to this page.