Graduate students at Brock passed a referendum in April 2004 in favour of participating in the Universal Bus Pass program. As a result, all full-time graduate students will be charged on their tuition for the U-pass fee.

The U-pass is a sticker that will be placed on your student ID card and permits you to ride the local transit systems free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All full-time graduate students must pay for the U-pass regardless of what campus they are on, where they live, if they want to drive to school, or any other reason.

To get your U-pass, you must be registered as a Brock graduate student. You must also have a photo on your Brock ID card.

The passes can be first obtained during Orientation Week in September, and then picked up regularly at the Student Alumni Centre (BUSU).

The U-Pass is effective from the first day of classes in September until April 30th of every academic year. There is no Universal Bus Pass from May 1st until August 31st.

When you get on the bus, simply swipe your card in the ticket-checking box by the driver’s chair inside the bus. If you are not sure, the drivers are glad to help you out. You can ride any bus in permitting cities as often as you like, but you have to have the card with you and swipe the card each time you ride. It’s that simple!

With your U-Pass, you have access to St. Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Pelham and the Niagara Regional Transit Systems.   For more information on your Universal Bus Pass, how to get to Brock and around the Niagara Region, please check out the resources on the Brock BUSU site at https://www.brockbusu.ca/services/transit/.

No. To ride the bus in the summer you will need to pay the fare or buy a bus pass directly from the transit system. Please contact the relevant transit system or visit their website for more information on fares and passes. You can check the Brock BUSU site for any information about possible summer ride discounted passes available – https://www.brockbusu.ca/services/transit/