Funding information

At Brock University, we realize the importance of financial support for our graduate students. Therefore, financial assistance opportunities are available to our students in several forms including grants, scholarships, funding packages etc.

Although financial support cannot be guaranteed to all graduate students in all programs, we encourage you to inquire about financial assistance with your Graduate Program Director in your program of study. You may also contact the Graduate Funding Officer in the Faculty of Graduate Studies to learn more about your graduate funding options.

What is a Funding Package?

Brock offers our full-time, research-based graduate students a funding package for the defined length of your graduate program, however, the specific funding amounts are reviewed each year and subject to budgetary approval. Faculty of Graduate Studies administered Fellowships are set prior to the start of the University’s fiscal year (May) for the three subsequent terms (Spring, Fall and Winter). These amounts are published each year early in February on the website Fellowship Information.

Our funding packages typically consist of a combination of various sources of funding including graduate fellowships and graduate assistantships.

As of 2021/2022, our graduate students will typically receive a minimum of:

Master’s Student:

  • Domestic – $15,576/year
  • International – $22,076/year

Doctoral Student:

  • Domestic – $21,576/year
  • International – $31,576/year

Main sources of Graduate Student funding include:

  • Graduate Fellowships — $7,500/year for master’s students and $13,500/year for doctoral students
  • Graduate Assistantships — The rate of pay for Graduate/Teaching Assistantships is governed by the CUPE collective agreement. The CUPE collective agreement rate of pay can be found here.
  • Entrance Scholarships — Additional entrance scholarships are awarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies and graduate programs. No application is required.

Many research packages will also include additional funds such as:

  • Research Fellowship – Up to $10,000/year

Graduate students may also apply for Internal Donor Awards, Travel Expense Reimbursement and Bursaries, throughout their studies. External scholarships and awards are also available to those who qualify.

Payment of your Funding Package

Funding packages are divided equally amongst the three terms (Fall, Winter and Spring) and posted to your student financial account ( at the beginning of each term. Any other awards or scholarships are one-time lump sum payments posted to your financial account at the beginning of the relevant term.

The Graduate Assistantship is employment income, and is paid bi-weekly to your personal bank account.

Tuition and ancillary fees are posted to the student’s financial account at the beginning of each term (September, January, May) and deducted from the total graduate funding amount for the term. If your funding exceeds your tuition fee assessment you will be eligible for payment to your personal bank account via INTERAC electronic funds transfer through your Brock e-mail account.

No transfers will be made if changes are pending.

Graduate students may view their tuition fee assessments through their Brock Portal under “Finance History” and not in their Fee Calculator. Fee Calculator is only for undergraduate students, not graduate students.

Please note that students on an approved leave of absence or inactive term are not eligible to receive University financial support. Eligible funding terms may commence again following an approved Leave of Absence or Inactive term.