Student Development

Grad school is an opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. Along with your course and research work, you will discover and uncover your unique sets of skills and talents. To build and accentuate those talents in preparation for the world of work, our community of highly skilled facilitators have created a personal and professional development curriculum to supplement your academic training.

Development Opportunities


GRADvantage is a personal and professional development guide for graduate students. This guide can help set you up for success both during and after grad school and help you prepare for whatever the next step in your journey will be. This hub of information is your “one stop shop” to learn about how Brock University can help support your personal and professional growth.


Gradflix is a new competition that allows current and recent graduate students to share their research through a creative short video (60 seconds or less) for a chance to win cash prizes. The competition invites master’s and doctoral students across disciplines to showcase their current research to non-specialist audiences.