Living in residence at Brock University

This information is available to help you quickly find answers to questions about living in residence at Brock.

Moving out of Residence

Students are required to move out of residence by noon the day following their last exam. Looking to move out early? Visit out Early Withdrawal page. Whether you are moving out at the end of the year or departing early, please visit our webpage on End of Term – April for information on doing a proper check out.


Are you interested in living in residence next year? Rooms in Gateway Suites are also available for 2016-17 on a first come, first served basis.

Getting involved

Get involved in what’s happening in residence by following us on Facebook or joining the Residences organization in ExperienceBU.


Take a virtual tour of our residence rooms.

Residence life

Find out more residence life at Brock, or learn about residence rules.


Have questions about residence? Find the answers on our FAQ page.