Talent Bridge

Talent Bridge is an innovative program that connects recent graduates’ existing knowledge and skills to industry-specific training and career pathways.

Students are graduating with core competencies that allow them to contribute to the workforce, but they often need an additional pathway to apply their knowledge and skills into the workplace. This four-month training program will connect new graduates’ existing strengths to specific industries, and also connect trusted industry partners to a ready-to-work talent pool for their future workforce.


Are you approaching graduation and not sure what’s next? You almost have your degree in hand but now you need a bridge into the workforce. In just four months following your degree, Talent Bridge will connect you to in-demand skills training and the competitive edge that is needed in today’s workforce.

Talent Bridge will begin in May 2020 and provide selected participants with hands-on training, applicable licensing, and career opportunities. Talent Bridge will operate in multiple industry streams, the first being within the insurance industry (Find out more about careers within insurance here).

Upon program completion, participants will be interviewed by trusted industry partners and, if successful, secure full-time employment with one of the partners.

Who can apply to this program?

We are looking for students that are ready to start their career! Final-year students, from any academic program, who are on track to graduate in Spring or Fall 2020, are encouraged to apply. Program participants should have critical thinking skills, strong communication abilities (written & oral), social intelligence, and excitement to enter the workforce!

When will the program start & end?

This program will start in May 2020. Participants will be interviewed by industry partners in mid-August and selected participants will begin their employment in September 2020.

What will I get from this program?

Participants will receive the following, all included within the program cost:

  • As part of the application process, you will receive a skills and cognitive assessment to use throughout your career.
  • A training program covering industry essentials and best practices to ensure you’re fully equipped to enter the workforce.
  • Your RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) licence and membership, once you’ve written the required exam.
  • Access to top companies in the Niagara Region and GTHA.

Step 1: Application (Job Fit Assessment): Interested final-year students will apply with their resume, references, and complete a series of questions. Students will also complete a Plum assessment, a science-based, non-biased approach that assesses skills and abilities to ensure your talents and interests match the insurance industry. Students will then be selected for an in-person interview.

Step 2: Investment: Once you have been accepted into the cohort, you will invest an initial cost that will cover your training and, for the insurance program stream, your RIBO membership and exam fees.

Step 3: Training: You will go through four months of training, which will take place at Brock University. Participants will also be provided invaluable professional and personal development opportunities to ensure that they are fully prepared for their employment.

Step 4: Employment: Towards the end of the program, trusted industry partners will have an opportunity to interview participants and present job offers for full-time employment. Once you complete your probationary period with the employer, you will be reimbursed 100% of your initial investment.

Initital Investment


This includes intitial assessment, in-class curriculum, professional development workshops, licensing and exam costs

Reimbursement after your probationary period is completed


The full amount of the program



There will be guarnteed finance assistance for all selected students. For more information, please fill out the form below or contact mfuller@brocku.ca.

Upcoming Information Sessions

New dates for information sessions will be released shortly.

Careers in Insurance Event

The insurance industry is quickly growing and is a unique career path for any student to apply their knowledge and skills in.

Want to find out more about this growing industry from professionals currently in it? Attend CCEE”s Careers in Insurance event!

When: February 5th, 5-7pm
Where: Pond Inlet

Register here: https://careerzone.brocku.ca/events.htm?evtId=4502

Interested in Talent Bridge?

In just four months, selected final-year students will gain industry-specific training and career pathways.

Applications will open on January 6th, 2020 until March 6th, 2020. If you have any questions, please email Madi Fuller, mfuller@brocku.ca or fill out the form below: