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You will be required to submit a brief synopsis of your business venture with this application. You will not be able to edit or save your application - so please make sure your synopsis is prepared before completing this form.

If you need assistance in making a business plan, please attend one of our two business plan seminars. Dates will be posted on our website.

Blueprint Application Form

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Application Questions

1. Why is the Blueprint Program right for you?

2. What three (3) goals are you looking to accomplish in your experience with the Blueprint Program?

3. What are the most useful resources the Blueprint Program can offer you at this time? (Example: funding, marketing, HR etc.)

4. How is your business idea or product going to thrive in a competitive market?

5. If after two years your business has not been profitable, how would you proceed?

6. Do you have any prior experience in the industry of your business?

Nitsopoulos Family Entrepreneurship Award

If your business is based in the Niagara Region, you are eligible for the Nitsopoulos Family Entrepreneurship Award.


How will your company economically benefit the Niagara Region?

Answer ONLY if you are applying for the Nitsopoulos Family Entrepreneurship Award.

Business Synopsis

Please upload a brief synopsis of your business venture.
If required, we will contact you for a full business plan at a later date.
If you have already prepared a full business plan, please feel free to attach it here in lieu of a synopsis.