Recruitment & Employer Guidelines

Career Services

Recruitment & Employer Guidelines

Employers wishing to recruit Brock University students are required to contact Career Services. All information sessions, table bookings and interviews must be booked through Career Services.

Employers wishing to target business students, may alternatively book through the Goodman School of Business, Career Development Office.


Employer Statement of Understanding: 

Your organizations request for employer services confirms your willingness to comply with this policy.

Conditions and Understandings: 

The University Career Services’ Employer Services are made available with the following conditions and understandings:

General Guidelines: 

All organizations recruiting at Brock University are expected to comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal regulatory and legal requirements. We also adhere to the Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment published by Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE). This guideline outlines the best practices in campus recruitment as well as the expectations and responsibilities for all parties. Organizations recruiting on Brock campus must abide by these guidelines. 

The Brock University Career services department reserves the right to prohibit an employer from participating in any of its events and/or services based on student complaints, behaviors or actions contrary to the employer guidelines, and for other reasons deemed necessary, such as human rights violations or breach of contract. It is not the role of the Brock University Career Services department to monitor the recruiting practices of employers.  However, if there are student/alumni complaints regarding an organization’s recruiting practices, we will investigate.

  1. Career Services reserves the right to decline posting positions of external employers to the University.
  2. Organizations agree to provide detailed job titles and organization descriptions to Career Services .
  3. Organizations will report information and/or respond to follow-up inquiries from Career Services staff regarding the status of positions by providing the number of employment offers and salary levels when new graduate students are hired.
  4. Career Services will not approve job postings for positions that require applicants to pay a fee to secure the position (including start up fees) unless it is listed in the posting.
  5. Job postings from franchise organizations must include pertinent job information such as remuneration details, extra fees/start up costs, contract requirements and potential financial penalties for contract cancellation.
  6. Job postings with straight commission-based compensation plans must note that information in their posting descriptions.
  7. Career Services will not post opportunities that are deemed to be multi-level marketing and/or pyramid schemes.
  8. Third party recruiters, as defined by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE), are considered to be agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting students for employment opportunities with other organizations.  Further:
    • Third party recruiters are required to disclose the name of the employer(s) they represent to Career Services staff on a confidential basis.  This information will not be released to students unless permission to release is granted by the 3rd party recruiter.
    • In the event that a duplicate position is posted by an individual employer and a third party recruiter, the posting of the employer will be posted.
  9. Organizations are asked to refrain from posting the same position more than once within the same semester to avoid the posting from becoming stale. If your organization is looking for candidates for the same position year around, please consider attending our Career & Post-Graduate Expo as an option.
  10. By completing your account registration and posting jobs on CareerZone through Career Services, you are registering for one of more of its employment services and agree to the following conditions:
    • Release of all information in my employer profile to all prospective employees or other individuals deemed appropriate by Career Services
    • Providing the best to your knowledge, the information provided will be correct and true
    • Registering for our online job posting service does not guarantee a job placement and that all hiring decisions are made by the employing organization and not the Career Services Office
  11. Privacy Information: Information provided is housed on Brock University Servers and the data will be used only for the applicable employer services requested. The data will never be sold or in any way released to any parties outside the university.
  12. Career Services requests that employer organizations be clear in communication to students regarding their job opportunity(ies) and details regarding recruiting information sessions.  Further:
  13. Students invited to a recruiting session must be clearly informed about the session details, including the organization’s name, date, time, location and the job/career opportunities being presented at the session.
  14. Career Services reserves the right to restrict recruitment activities at Brock University if students are being misinformed about purpose of recruiting whether at a job fair, information session and/or job details in a job posting on CareerZone.