Learning Assurance Faculty Committee

Goodman School of Business

Learning Assurance Faculty Committee

The Learning Assurance Faculty Committee consists of faculty members from each academic department, Faculty administrators, library, co-op department and student representation.

The Learning Assurance Committee is tasked with acquiring and disseminating information related to AACSB’s Assurance of Learning as well as making recommendations for the direction and content of the overall Assurance of Learning process. While these recommendations may include changes to the program learning goals, rubrics, or the Assurance Of Learning program itself – all major changes were discussed and approved by each faculty department.

Current Members of Learning Assurance Committee:

  • Diane Miller - Committee Chair and Associate Dean, Undergraduate and AACSB
  • Donald Cyr - Dean
  • Ernest Biktimirov - Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs
  • Gregory Finn – Vice-provost & Associate Vice-president, Academic
  • Jennifer Li – ACTG Departmental Faculty Representative
  • Paul Scarbrough – ACTG Chair and Departmental Faculty Representative
  • Teju Herath - FOIS Departmental Faculty Representative
  • Herb MacKenzie – MIBS Departmental Faculty Representative
  • Michael Robertson – MIBS Departmental Lecturer Representative
  • Paul Dunn – OBHREE Chair and Departmental Faculty Representative
  • Barry Wright – OBHREE Departmental Faculty Representative
  • Linda Lowry – Business Librarian
  • Michelle Leece – Accreditations and Quality Assurance Manager
  • Alyssa Freeman – Accreditations Coordinator
  • Goodman Graduate Program Representative
  • Co-op Programs Representative
  • Graduate Business Student Representative
  • Undergraduate Business Student Representative