MBA (ISP) | International Student Pathway

This program answers the needs of today’s global business world. We take your international background and synthesize it with a North American business education.

Our MBA (ISP) graduates are successful because of our focus on a strong integrative and practical approach to management with a global perspective, numerous opportunities to be engaged in the community and ongoing chances to improve your English language skills. You’re part of a community that is focused on your success, both during your MBA and beyond.

Your classes are composed of classmates from around the world, ensuring an integrated global approach to Canadian and global business theory. It’s a supportive environment, with your professors and classmates working in partnership to enhance your understanding of your subject and develop your communication and presentation skills.

Currently accepting applications for:

Spring term (August) 2024

Program best suited for

International professionals and recent undergraduates who want to gain Canadian Business knowledge in a supportive environment of their peers.

Goodman MBA (ISP) program at-a-glance

Full-time MBA (ISP)
Available entry pointsAugust (Spring term) only
Study optionsOn-campus, full-time only
Duration of the programTwo years (16 months)
SpecializationsAccounting (CPA accredited), Business Analytics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations Management, or complete a general MBA.
Co-op available?Yes, optional four-month paid work experience
Deadline to applyLimited space is still available. We continue to review applications until the program is full. We may refer students to the next intake (August 2025).
Average time for review of completed applicationsThree to four weeks

For more information, please see below.

For more information, please see below.


We seek international applicants with strong academic and leadership backgrounds who are going to thrive in our unique international program. Students are selected based on how they fit with our program: we look for applicants from diverse backgrounds who have a passion for their studies, desire to put themselves out of their comfort zone and demonstrate a commitment to the Goodman community.

Minimum requirementNotes:
Degree typeFour-year bachelor’s degree in any field (Canadian equivalent)Must be from an accredited institution.
GPAB / 75% (Canadian equivalent)GPA is calculated based on last two years of undergraduate degree only. The admissions committee will convert your grades from your home country, to the Canadian equivalent.
English Language Proficiency*Academic IELTS - 6.5 overallMinimum of 6.0 in each section is required.
orTOEFL iBT - 88 overallMinimum of 21 in each subtest is required.
orPearson Test of English (Academic) - 60 overallMinimum of 60 in each section is required.
orBrock Intensive English Language Program (IELP)Successful completion of level 5 is required.
Work experienceNo specific requirementPreferred but not required.

*Please be advised that the MBA (ISP) program does NOT accept English Language test waivers. If you do not meet the admission requirements outlined in the chart above, please review information about our Professional Masters Preparation Certificate (PMPC) program or Brock’s Intensive English Language Program (IELP). For a full listing of accepted tests see:


Request a FREE pre-assessment.*

It can be an expensive risk to complete the application process for an MBA (ISP), only to discover that you don’t qualify for admission. At Goodman, we don’t want you to waste your time or money. If you are a direct applicant, send us your transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE score and resumé, and we will conduct a free pre-assessment to not only let you know if you are eligible for one of our programs, but also if we think your application will be competitive enough for admission.

Create a profile to submit your resumé and transcripts by visiting the Goodman Graduate Portal.

*Please note that a pre-assessment does not guarantee admission to the university. Students must submit an official application for admission consideration. 

Deadline: Limited space is still available. We continue to review applications until the program is full. We may refer students to the next intake (August 2025)

Application review typically takes three to four weeks from when we receive a completed application and all required documents. Admission decisions will be posted electronically to your account once an admission decision has been made.

International applicants are recommended to apply at least four months before the start of their desired entry point to allow for visa processing time. Application review can take up to one month from when we receive a completed application.

If you plan on applying after the March 1 deadline, you may still submit an application but it is recommended that you contact the Graduate Programs Office first, to ensure there are still seats available.


  1. Complete the online OUAC application.
  2. Upload the required documents to your account.
  3. Monitor your application status through your account.

All applications and application documents for the MBA (ISP) program must be submitted electronically. Hard copy application documents will not be accepted.


  • Online OUAC Application
  • Non Refundable Application Fee ($140 CAD)
    • The application fee can be paid by credit card or online banking. All application fees are received by OUAC, not by the Goodman School of Business at Brock University.
  • Required Documents
    • Within three business days of your application payment being processed you will be contacted via email by Brock University. The email will include instructions to activate your account and to upload your required application documents.
    • Please visit the document upload instructions and document types page for more information.
  • Scans of original transcripts from all post-secondary institutions
    • The scanned copy must be of your official transcript, not your student/self-serve copy.
    • The transcript must also include the institution grading scale.
    • Any documents that are not in English or French must be translated into English and notarized before they are accepted. Both the translated and the original version must be scanned and uploaded.
  • Three electronic reference reports
    • Reference reports can be academic and/or professional.
    • Reference reports can only be submitted using the Brock University electronic reference system.
    • Your referees will be emailed automatically with instructions to complete the electronic reference report once your application has been received by Brock University.
    • Please visit the referee FAQ webpage for more information.
  • Statement of interest
    • Your statement of interest should be one page (single or double spaced).
    • Your statement of interest should address the following: Why you are applying to the MBA (ISP) program specifically, why you are applying to Brock/Goodman specifically, what your future career goals are, and why you would be an ideal MBA (ISP) candidate.
  • Resumé
  • Graduate Studies Internal Scholarship/Award Application
    • Completion of this form will ensure that you are considered for any awards/scholarships for which you may be eligible
    • Ensure that you have pop-ups enabled in your web browser, then use the “Go To Form” button next to the “Graduate Student Internal Entrance Scholarship/Award Application” document on your portal account, to complete the required form (you must have pop-ups enabled for the form to open).
  • Scan of official IELTS, TOEFL or PTE score
  • A personal interview will be required
    • To ensure we are able to get to know all applicants better, we have introduced an online interview platform for all applicants to this program.
    • Preparing for your online interview
      • Once we have finished an initial review of your completed application, to ensure you meet the requirements for our program, you will receive instructions by email on how to complete the online interview.
      • You will have a chance to practice answering video interview questions and be able to review your practice responses after you submit your application.

If you are offered admission to our program, you will be required to send in official transcripts and official proof of degree completion. International students will also be required to provide proof of immigration status. Please visit the document types page for further details. Once submitted, all documents become the property of Brock University and will not be returned.


TUITION 2024-2025

MBA (ISP) tuition is charged on a per course basis. Each course is equal to one-half (0.5) credit. All students are charged the same program fee.

The MBA (ISP) is completed on a full-time intensive basis so you can maximize your opportunities while in Canada. Full-time students take 16 months to complete the program without co-op.

Note that the MBA (ISP) CPA option will require an extra term of study involving 4 courses and costing $15,072.20.


This chart reflects the costs of being an MBA (ISP) candidate.

All students in the MBA (ISP)
Total tuition fees$75,361 or $90,433.20 (accounting specialization only)
Ancillary fee (student fees, health/dental plan and eight-month bus pass)$2,400
UHIP health coverage$1,512
Co-op term fees (optional)$1,550 for 4 month co-op term
Business English and Skills Transition (BEST) program$1,300
International recovery fee$1500 for 2 years ($750 per year)
Total estimated costs$82,123 or $97,195.20 Accounting specialization only

All costs are in Canadian dollars and subject to change each year. 


This chart reflects how much you will be paying a year to attend the Goodman MBA (ISP). This chart will provide you with a breakdown of your yearly costs for comparison purposes.

All students in the MBA (ISP)
Tuition fees for the 1st year (10 courses)$37,680.50 ($3,768.05 per course/0.5 credit)
Ancillary fee (student fees, health/dental plan and eight-month bus pass)$1,200
UHIP health coverage$756
Co-op administrative fee (optional)$1,550 for 4 month co-op term ($775 in second term and $775 upon achieving a co-op position)
Business English and Skills Transition (BEST) program$1,300 (one time payment in first year)
International recovery fee$1,500 for 2 years ($750 per year)
Total estimated costs$42,461.50 (The 1st year/two semesters); $39,661.50 (The 2nd year/last two semesters); $15,072.20 (one semester, accounting specialization only)

All costs are in Canadian dollars and subject to change each year.

For a full breakdown of tuition fees, please visit the Financial & Administrative Services website. In case of any minor differences, your tuition charged on your account will be considered correct.


Living expenses and books are extra. We recommend that you budget approximately $17,250-$28,300 (CDN) per year for living expenses and books, depending on your lifestyle.

Financial aid is limited, as we prefer to keep overall tuition costs affordable.

All applicants are automatically considered for any available scholarships at the time of their application.

The Goodman Scholarship Program is exclusive to the Goodman School of Business. Exceptional incoming students can earn a prestigious scholarship worth $3,000 with the possibility of renewal the following year. Students must demonstrate at least two of the following:

  • Leadership in university and community life or evidence of entrepreneurial talent
  • Exceptional high academic grades
  • Financial need

Students may also apply for Research Assistant (RA), Teaching Assistant (TA), part-time instructor or marker/grader positions.

The MBA (ISP) is not eligible for OSAP funding. For more information, contact the Student Account and Financial Aid office at

Each year, the Goodman School of Business provides over $250,000 of support to its graduate students. Scholarships and awards are subject to change based on available funding each year.

The Business English and Skills Transition (BEST) program is an intensive four-week program that includes the development of language and soft skills required to perform in the context of the North American business and academic environments. The objective of this non-credit program is to prepare you for graduate studies in Canada and enable development of English language skills in a business context, prior to proceeding to graduate courses. In addition, the program introduces you to the Goodman spirit and helps you build connections to our community.


  • Intensive development of oral and written communication skills within a business framework
  • Development of personal management and soft skills (e.g. self-awareness, goal setting, time management, critical thinking, etc.)
  • Exploration of the requirements to excel academically, emphasizing general expectations of first year graduate students
  • Investigation of the current business environment in North America and familiarization with associated language and culture
  • Development of career readiness skills to manage the transition to employment in Canada
  • Engagement in group and community activities and awareness of global citizenship
  • Real-world assignments such as presentations and business reports
  • Familiarization with Canadian culture and Goodman values (passion, perseverance, professionalism)
  • Extra-curricular opportunities to create a well-rounded experience including development of mental and physical health and forming lifelong friendships
  • Supportive instructors, session leaders, and staff members to assist with the beginning of your graduate journey
  • Special activities throughout the program, such as our Boomer Photo Challenge (scavenger hunt) and Case Competition, help you build confidence, relationships with your peers, and introduce you to your new home (the Niagara Region).

Goodman’s MBA (ISP) curriculum is designed to combine the strength of a comprehensive core curriculum with the ability to specialize in key functional areas of business. The Goodman MBA program consists of 20 courses, of which 14 courses are required and 6 courses are elective.

The general stream provides you with a flexible program plan and the ability to take a variety of elective courses in different fields. The general stream is ideal if you have a wide range of interests, or are planning on working in general management and want to gain a competitive edge.

The accounting specialization offers a CPA accredited stream that provides graduates with advanced standing in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) to the end of Core 2. The accredited stream allows non-accounting university graduates to pursue an MBA and an accounting designation at the same time.

The Business Analytics stream is designed to provide students with the logical, analytical, and critical thinking skills needed to prepare them for analysis and decision-making positions in a variety of industries and fast-growing professions. This field has increased in popularity in recent years due to the increase in data available to organizations from customer loyalty programs, e-commerce transactions, and even sensory data from machines.

This specialization is ideal for those seeking a focus mainly on investments and portfolio management. This program has a high degree of correlation with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Designed to provide you with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of HR. This specialization provides you with the majority of the course work necessary for the CHRP designation.

The marketing specialization equips you with an integrated managerial and global business approach to marketing that helps you first apprehend the values of product/service offerings, their market spaces as well as competitors, and then enables you apply the theoretical principles of marketing to deliver superior customer experiences that advance sustainable competitive advantage and growth. Emphasis is centrally placed on understanding practical, real-world marketing problems through customer behaviour and marketing analytics, and solving these problems using learned insights through innovative marketing strategies. Students will be able to earn the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) Sales Certificate upon completion of the specified courses, and the core and elective courses in the stream shall progress students well in earning the American Marketing Association (AMA) Professional Certified Marketer in Marketing Management, Sales Management, and Digital Marketing Certificate.

The operations management specialization includes a focus on project management, quality management, logistics and supply chain management. Courses will cover many of the topics required for the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) professional designations from APICS -The Association for Operations Management (formerly the American Production and Inventory Control Society).

Our faculty have expertise in a wide range of business areas. If none of our specializations interest you, you can also look into pursuing a general MBA. The general MBA enables you to take courses that fit your future career plans from within all the different specializations. You can also enroll in independent study electives, where you can work one on one with professors who have experience in your field of interest and can offer you guidance and knowledge. Students may also request permission to enroll in select fourth-year classes if they wanted to study their subject with other students.

Experiential Education in the Goodman School of Business at Brock is project based where students work as “consultants” to community partner(s) within the framework of their academic courses. This is not a “co-op” or “placement” as in the traditional experiential learning models, but rather a teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the business world. We focus on deliverables. Whether you are running a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign or developing social media strategies for a partner organization , you will have helped build a tangible result that our organization partners need to grow their businesses and serve the community. These projects will also help to round out your resume, setting you apart from the competition in your job search.

Co-op is paid work experience that you can add to your resume upon graduation from our MBA program. All full-time students who are at Goodman and maintain an average of 75%, as well as achieve sufficient English language proficiency, are eligible for our co-op program. Students enrolled in the co-op program attend workshops, seminars and speaker series that are designed to help them discover the opportunities and industries that await them during their co-op work placement and post-MBA.

Most co-op placements are four months in length; however, co-op placements can be extended to eight or 12 months. International and domestic students are eligible for co-op.

There are no separate application requirements for the co-op program. There is an average requirement to stay in the co-op program.

You need to be career ready when you finish your MBA. At Goodman, we have a team of career experts, ready to help you land the career of your dreams.


  • Comprehensive resumé and cover letter review
  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Industry specific mock interviews
  • Career consulting and coaching
  • Employer information sessions
  • Innovative networking events
  • Designation specific sessions


Goodman alumni have access to CareerZone indefinitely upon graduation and exclusive opportunities will also be shared with alumni in the Goodman Alumni Network on LinkedIn. Other services such as employment documents review, career consulting and mock interviews will be available for one year after graduation.

Companies Hiring Goodman MBA Grads


  • RBC
  • BMO Private Banking
  • CIBC
  • TD Bank Financial Group
  • National Bank
  • Scotiabank
  • Meridian Credit Union


  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
  • Hydro One


  • Pepsi Bottling Group
  • Maple Leaf Foods
  • Coca-Cola
  • Loblaw Companies Limited


  • Research In Motion
  • LG
  • IBM Canada
  • Rogers Communications
  • Telus
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Xerox


  • Johnson and Johnson
  • C. Johnson
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Stryker


  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • PCL Constructors
  • Black and McDonald
  • FedEx
  • Husky Energy

Positions our MBA graduates have been hired for:


  • Commercial Account Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Financial Consultant
  • Credit/Distribution Analyst
  • Director- Treasury and Analytics
  • Junior Financial Analyst
  • Private Banker
  • Investment Manager


  • Consultant
  • Marketing/Design Assistant
  • Associate Manager Consumer Insights, Marketing Research
  • Marketing Representative
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager


  • Controller
  • Operating Fund Accountant
  • Cost Analyst
  • Strategic Pricing Analyst
  • Project Accountant


  • Human Resource Analyst
  • Workforce Co-ordinator
  • Senior HR Co-ordinator
  • HR Solutions Consultant
  • HR Generalist


  • Project Manager
  • Director of Information Services
  • Director, Client Services
  • Senior Director IT
  • Program Director

The Professional Masters Preparation Certificate (PMPC) is an eight-month preparation program that guides you through the challenges that you will encounter as an international student in a North American professional graduate school. We’ll help you improve your English language skills, gain confidence in academic situations and create a North American academic record. The PMPC is dedicated to helping you overcome foreseeable academic and cultural difficulties and acquire the understanding and skills to make the transition to graduate work smoother and ultimately more successful.

The PMPC is a formal certificate program. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Brock University certificate. You will also be considered for conditional admission to either the MBA (ISP) or MPAcc (ISP) for the next intake, when you apply. Unlike the MBA (ISP) and MPAcc (ISP) programs which start in August of each year, the PMPC begins in September.


Students looking to apply to our PMPC- Business program, to improve their language ability so they can enter the MBA (ISP) or MPAcc (ISP) program, should apply directly to the master’s program of their choice through the OUAC online application. When we review the application, we will confirm that you are interested in attending the PMPC – Business program and if your application is successful you will be given two offers, one for our PMPC – Business program and one conditional offer for the MBA (ISP) or MPAcc (ISP) program. If you just wish to apply to the PMPC- Business program, and do not wish to attend the master’s program upon completion please contact us directly through the Goodman Graduate Portal for instructions.

For admission to the PMPC program, you must meet all of the admission requirements for the MBA (ISP) or MPAcc (ISP) program, as well as achieve a minimum English Language Proficiency score of the following:

Overall score requirementSubsection requirements
Academic IELTS6.0 overallMinimum of 5.5 in each section is required.
TOEFL iBT70 overallMinimum of 16 in Speaking and 19 in Writing is required.
Brock IELP programSuccessful completion of level 4No other English Programs will be accepted.


PMPC students take a combination of English language and skills development courses, as well as introductory business courses. You will be taking these courses with your classmates and undergraduate Business students.


Goodman’s PMPC-Business curriculum is designed to combine the strength of an intensive English language program with the addition of skills development and core introductory business courses. Through the PMPC, you will develop practical strategies to help you succeed in a professional graduate school and open up new paths to success.

TUITION FEES 2024 – 2025

PMPC (Business) tuition fee is $22,791 (Subject to change). Please consult the Finance Office website for details on tuition fee for this program.