Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc)

Do you want to be a professional accountant? If so, this is the
program for you.

About the program

Goodman’s BAcc program has been designed specifically for future accountants, and has rigorous academic courses integrated with a professional orientation.

The program has limited enrollment and is offered as a four-year honours program with a co-op option. Our BAcc co-op program will prepare you to obtain a public accounting license. Our co-op students work in a wide variety of locations throughout Ontario and may acquire 16 to 20 months of practical work experience towards the CPA designation.

National Reputation for Excellence

As a graduate of this program, you will have attained the highest level of prerequisite credits toward a professional accounting designation available in any four-year program at an Ontario university. Our graduates consistently score highly on the national accounting examinations and enjoy a wide variety of employment opportunities.

Goodman faculty

Fast track to the CPA designation

When you take our BAcc and Master of Accountancy (MAcc) programs, you’ll learn everything you need to proceed to — and be successful on — CPA’s Common Final Exam (CFE).

Goodman offers fast track to CPA designation with BAcc and MAcc programs

Looking to save both time and money? Doing your BAcc and MAcc at Goodman costs almost the same as if you did just your BAcc with Goodman and completed the CPA modules with CPA Ontario. Although the cost is similar, the Goodman pathway is quicker: just seven months compared to two years of part-time study through the CPA module path. And you have the added benefit of obtaining a master’s level degree.

The MAcc includes all materials covered by the Chartered Professional Accountant Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) courses and provides additional insights to help you become a successful professional accountant.

If you prefer, you can still go on to prepare for the CFE without doing your master’s at Goodman. Our BAcc degree will fully prepare you to enter the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) offered by CPA Ontario. By completing the CPA PEP program, you will have covered the same material offered in our MAcc. This will ensure you are ready to take the CFE.

Please visit for more information on the CPA PEP program.

Goodman BAcc Co-op student shares experience