Alumni Recognition

The Distinguished Graduate Award celebrates the outstanding professional or personal achievements of graduates of the Goodman School of Business at Brock University.

2020 Distinguished Graduate

Sean Washchuk

(BAcc ’96)

The 2020 Distinguished Graduate is Goodman School of Business Alumnus, Sean Washchuk (BAcc ’96), Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CCL Industries Inc.

The Distinguished Graduate series honours Goodman School of Business alumni who are leaders in the business community and offers students the opportunity to gain insights from outstanding individuals.

About the award

2019Rita Middleton (BAdmin ’87)CEO, Interim CFO, and Board Member
International Solar Solutions
2018Brian Parsons (BAdmin ’90)President and CEO
Willis Towers Watson
2017Joanne McKee (BAdmin ’86)Chief Financial Officer,
Ryerson University
2016Martin Philp (BAdmin ’80, MA ’86)Founding Partner,
Next Advisory
2015Jason Sparaga (BBA ’93)Co-Founder and Co-CEO,
Spark Power Corp.,Oakville
2014Mark Arthur (BA ’77)President
Industrial Alliance Private Wealth Management, Toronto
2013Anne-Marie Robinson (BSc ’87, BBA ’90)President
Public Service Commission of Canada, Ottawa
2012Fred Losani (BAdmin ‘ 87)Owner and CEO
Losani Homes, Hamilton
2011Jeff Park (BAcc ’95)Executive Vice-President and CFO
SXC Health Solutions Corp, Chicago
2010Kristian Knibutat (BAdmin ’86)Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Toronto
2009James MacLellan (BAdmin ’87)Partner
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Toronto
2008John Zoccoli (BAdmin ’86)President
Jamzoc Holdings Ltd., o/a Tim Horton, St. Catharines
2007Jim Ryan (BAdmin ’84)CEO
Party Gaming,Gibraltar
2006Dr. Stephen Young (BBA ’91)Managing Director of Accounting Policy
Citigroup’s Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), New York
2005Debbie Sevenpifer (BAdmin ’87)CEO
Niagara Health Systems, Niagara
2004Dr. Paul Ingram (BBA ’90)Professor of Management
Columbia University,New York
2003Deborah Rosati (BAdmain ’84)President
RosatiNet Inc.,Ottawa
2002Doug Wilkinson (BBA ’91)Partner
Deloitte, Toronto

Nominations, consisting of a letter outlining the nominee’s achievements supported by two additional letters and/or newspaper clippings, resume, awards, journal articles etc., will be accepted until the end of July each year. A committee consisting of the Dean, Chairs of each Department, and graduates will select the recipient.


  1. Nominees must have graduated from the Brock Faculty of Business or Goodman School of Business (hold a BAdmin, BAcc, BBA, MAcc, MBA, or MSc in Management degree)
  2. Nominees must have fifteen years post-graduate experience
  3. All nominees should demonstrate at least one of the following criteria:
    • Outstanding professional achievements
    • Outstanding educational achievements
    • Outstanding community achievements
    • Outstanding volunteer achievements
    • Outstanding entrepreneurial achievements
    • An ongoing commitment to Brock University
  4. Graduates may nominate themselves
  5. Current Brock faculty and staff are excluded
  6. Nominations must be received by March 1

The committee reserves the right to bestow the award to a graduate they feel is a worthy recipient.

Send nominations to Kajsa Cirocco (