Service on editorial boards

The research reputation of Goodman faculty members is reflected by service on a wide variety of journal editorial boards:

Michael Armstrong (department of FOIS)

Anteneh Ayanso (department of FOIS)

Walid Ben Omrane (department of FOIS)

Ernest Biktimirov (department of FOIS)

Dave Bouckenooghe  (department of OBHREE)

Kareen Brown (department of ACTG)

Don Cyr (department of FOIS)

Dirk De Clercq (department of OBHREE)

Sheng Deng (department of MIBS)

Eric Dolansky (department of MIBS)

Paul Dunn (department of OBHREE)

Wesley Helms (department of MIBS)

Hemantha Herath (department of ACTG)

Teju Herath (department of FOIS)

Magnus Hultman (department of MIBS)

Princely Ifinedo (department of FOIS)

Eugene Kaciak (department of FOIS)

Pascale Lapointe-Antunes (department of ACTG)


Teresa V. Menzies (department of OBHREE)

Yasanthi Perera (department of OBHREE)

D. Paul Scarbrough (department of ACTG)

Tashfeen Sohail (department of ACTG)

Narongsak (Tek) Thongpapanl (department of MIBS)

Samir Trabelsi (department of Accounting)

Francine Vachon (department of FOIS)

Kai-Yu Wang (department of MIBS)

Asma Zafar (department of MIBS)

Lianxi Zhou (department of MIBS)