Goodman Group

Goodman Group brings together the expertise and experience of Brock’s Goodman School of Business and serves as a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. Focused on building capacity through partnerships, the Goodman Group will serve the 21st-century learner by providing unique educational experiences, real-world learning and experiential learning opportunities by working with faculty, staff, alumni, community partners, entrepreneurs and students.

Goodman Group offers Consulting Services, Executive Development, Professional Development and Venture Development for the Brock and Niagara community.

Consulting Services

Combining fresh insights and youthful energy with knowledge and professionalism, Consulting Services provides affordable business consultancy services to organizations in the Niagara region, specializing in small to medium-sized businesses, business startups, and not-for-profit organizations. The Consulting Services delivers consulting services in organizational strategy, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, data analytics, and human resources.

Executive Development

Executive Development offers a series of high-value certificate programs for senior leaders and executives looking to inspire positive change. On successful completion of the program, the participants will receive the Executive Leadership Certificate. The series focuses on building leadership capacity throughout organizations by equipping leaders with the tools to inspire positive change, resulting in significant increase in the value they bring to their organization.  

Professional Development

Professional Development offers a series of high value certificate programs in business and leadership to help individuals and organizations achieve their goalsProfessional Development delivers services to develop and execute custom programs designed to fit the specific strategic and developmental needs of individual businesses and organizations. Develop your management, sales, human resources and other professional skills by learning from award-winning professors and business experts.

Venture Development

Venture Development integrates experiential entrepreneurship, university expertise and community resources to provide support to Brock and Niagara’s innovators who are establishing new ventures. Venture Development helps transform today’s leading-edge ideas and opportunities into tomorrow’s robust businesses by providing student entrepreneurs, alumni, researchers and private sector companies with a forum to connect, collaborate and commercialize concepts.

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