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Our research centres and institutes bring researchers and industry together to encourage research that can benefit both the community and industry.

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CPA Centre for Public Policy in Accounting

The long term vision of the CPA Ontario Center for Public Policy and Innovation in Accounting (the Center) is to enable the convergence of scholars across disciplines for study and dialogue on the future state of the accounting profession. While Brock University’s Goodman School of Business and the Department of Accounting build faculty and research capacity in issues such as the impact of disruptive technologies (such as artificial intelligence and accounting data analytics) and their influence on the accounting profession, the Center will leverage its current research strengths to examine the same through the lens of public policy. Research questions will be related to areas such as the implications of changes in corporate tax rates; the consequences of excise taxes on sugary beverages or  foods that are high in fat; the impact of government funding formulas on public institutions’ budgetary processes; the impact of the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) on corporate disclosure; the impact of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project on Indigenous Peoples; Human Rights Violations Risks related to the Dodd Frank Act; the impact of the potential implementation of the USMCA (the new NAFTA) on trade; and the implications of the legalization of cannabis, among others.

Centre for Business Analytics (CBA)

A research hub to support an interdisciplinary team of data analytics researchers, act as a source of expertise for both public and private sectors, and foster  training for the next generation of data scientists.