Bachelor of Business Administration

Our graduates enjoy a wide variety of employment opportunities in industry, commerce and government. Many have gone on to graduate studies in law, business and public administration.

Do you want to pursue a career in business?

If so, this program is for you.

This program combines case studies, experiential learning, small classroom lectures, group projects and independent work. The program will help you develop key business skills that are in high demand from employers. These include oral and written communications, ethical reasoning, quantitative literacy, problem-solving skills and more.

This program has limited enrollment and has a co-op option.

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Experience co-op

The BBA Co-op (Honours) program combines academic and work terms over 4.5 years. You will spend two years in an academic setting studying the functional areas of business as well as the Canadian and global business environments before your first co-op work term. The exposure to courses in the core areas of business provides the necessary academic background and valuable work experience.

Specialize your degree

In your first two years, you’ll take a core set of courses to build a solid foundation in the functional areas of business along with knowledge of the Canadian and global business environment. Beginning in your third year, you will have the option of declaring a concentration to specialize your degree.

Choose from




General Management

Human Resource Management

Information Systems

International Business


Operations Management

Public Administration

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