Bloomberg Lab | Financial Software for Students

The Goodman School of Business is pleased to offer our students access to Bloomberg financial software tools that allow for analytics and equity trading as well as data and news services and are considered the best-known interactive financial information network in the world.

This resource is invaluable for students studying finance or accounting. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands on knowledge and real world experience through day to day use and by completing official training on Bloomberg Professional – essential skills demanded by today’s employers.

Goodman houses eight of the terminals in a dedicated research suite accessible by faculty and students. Goodman graduate students also have access to a terminal in their dedicated computer lab. The James A. Gibson Library houses one terminal and a laptop to allow for use during regular library hours to Goodman students and the general Brock population.

The exclusive Goodman graduate student only terminal is located in the Goodman School of Business Atrium computer lab and is accessible 24/7.

The Research Suite that houses the Bloomberg Terminals is located in the Goodman School of Business Atrium.

For more information about getting started using the Bloomberg Terminals refer to the Library’s Bloomberg guide.

Goodman School of Business pin on Bloomberg laptop