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At Goodman, we’re all about experience.

2019 Goodman JDCC team pose together

Student Clubs & Associations

Joining a student club is a great way to build a unique experience and develop your skills.

Executive positions on the Goodman GBC are open to Goodman graduate students; however, some events are open to all Goodman students, both undergraduate and graduate.

Executive positions on student clubs and associations are open to Goodman undergraduate students only and provide services for Goodman undergraduate students; however, most events are open to all Brock students, both undergraduate and graduate.


A team of Goodman students at DECA case competition

Compete in business competitions

Competing in a business competition is a fantastic way to build your network, get noticed for your business acumen, and learn presentation skills.

A Goodman Student on exchange

Go on an international exchange

A comprehensive worldview is one of the top three skills needed in future leaders. Today’s employers are looking for individuals who have global perspective and cultural sensitivity.

Great experiences to bolster your resumé

We provide opportunities for you to get involved to add to your co-curricular experience so that you can develop valuable skills that will help you differentiate yourself in the job market.

Track your activities through Experience Plus and receive an official transcript showing all your involvement.