Degree Level Expectations

Goodman School of Business

Degree Level Expectations

The provincial government has implemented a Quality Assurance Framework for all Ontario Universities, Brock University has designed and implemented an Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) which included the development of Degree Level Expectations (DLE) to present the academic standards of the university.

These DLEs identify the skill outcome competencies that students will be able to demonstrate upon graduation, the following six categories were developed for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Bachelor's Degree Masters Degree
1. Depth and Breadth of Knowledge 1. Depth and Breadth of Knowledge
2. Knowledge of Methodologies 2. Research and Scholarship
3. Application of Knowledge 3. Level of Application of Knowledge
4. Communication Skills 4. Professional Capacity/Autonomy
5. Awareness of Limits of Knowledge 5. Level of Communication Skills
6. Autonomy and Professional Capacity 6. Awareness of Limits of Knowledge

The Goodman School of Business identified specific DLEs for each program offering to address the unique qualities and competency expectations. Multiple methods are used to assess Goodman School of Business students to ensure that students are meeting these academic standards, including assessments completed for Assurance of Learning in response to our accreditation with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and other direct and indirect methods and procedures including the ETS Major Field Test in Business.

Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations

Graduate Degree Level Expectations

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