Spotlight on #GoodmanSpirit: Five questions with the winner of the Futures Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership

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Spotlight on #GoodmanSpirit: Five questions with the winner of the Futures Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership

1. IIYou’ve probably already read about Jennifer Philpott’s experience as the winner of the Future Funds for Outstanding Leadership Award. That award was the result of Jennifer’s dedication and commitment to student life and community involvement.

Jennifer, a current BBA co-op student, shares her thoughts about four of the extra-curricular experiences that gave her an edge over other scholarship applicants and why Goodman students should make a point of getting involved.

1. I1. In March 2013, you were awarded the Spirit of Brock Leader's Citizenship Society Award for your ability to invoke positive change within local and global communities. What did winning this award mean to you?

It was incredibly meaningful to be the inaugural recipient of the Spirit of Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award. The Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS) has always been supportive of my endeavors within the university community and I was humbled to be recognized by my peers. The Society is comprised of incredibly talented student leaders, so to be honoured for best representing the values of the Society within the university and local communities was indescribable.

2. You've served as the Director of Communications for the Business Students' Association for the past year. What's your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy all aspects of my role as Director of Communications – developing creative digital content, exploring the analytics behind social media engagement, etc. – but would say that my favourite part is connecting with students, both online and behind the camera. I had the opportunity to photograph over 60 students at the Goodman Experience event in January as part of our Professional Headshot Series. Initially, some students were hesitant to have their photograph taken; however, after seeing the results of the shoot, they were incredibly pleased. It’s very rewarding and fulfilling to help students see themselves in a new light.

I’m also quite a social media geek.

3. You were a DECA U delegate for competitions that were held in Toronto and in Anaheim, California. What prompted your interest in DECA?

When I was in first year, I heard a lot about case competitions, but had no idea what they were. I’m relatively comfortable with public speaking, but the thought of presenting a case with limited preparation time was quite intimidating. I think DECA U was a good fit for me because the club is so well rounded. There are opportunities for team building, networking with industry professionals, and the chance to apply your course knowledge to real-life scenarios. Case competitions have also brought out my competitive side, which has helped improve my confidence in my presentation ability – a skill that all business students should possess.

4. In the last few years, you've organized three very successful fundraisers to benefit the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Foundation, the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation and Community Care of St. Catharines/Thorold. How do your marketing courses help you successfully organize events?

I believe that my marketing courses have complemented my extracurricular initiatives. In marketing, we learn a great deal about promotion techniques, communications, and consumer behaviour, which are all relevant when organizing and executing events. My involvement in these activities has allowed me to couple theory with practical situations and has helped me have a better understanding of course material. For example, I am currently planning the 17th Annual Goodman School of Business Formal, and have applied my knowledge of marketing strategy to create a promotional plan for the event.

5. What tips would you give to students that want to get involved but don't know where to begin?

I have to borrow from Nike on this one and say: Just Do It. There are so many ways to get involved with the Business Students’ Association or Goodman Student Clubs that it might be a little overwhelming in the beginning. My advice is to pick something that you’re really passionate about and stick to it. Start small by volunteering with the BSA or by attending one of our clubs’ general meetings. Once you get a better idea of what your interests are, then it will be easier to choose where you want to spend your time. Too many people wait until later in their studies to get involved. If you start early, opportunities won’t pass you by.

Jennifer Philpott