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  • Looking for a Humanities Context Credit? DART 1F95

    dart1f95-flyer_picDrama in Education & Applied Theatre I
    Releasing your Creative Side

    Through collective creation and collaboration with classmates students learn how drama can be used for social change, team building, and as a learning tool. Students can experience the meaning of social commitment through dramatic creations that provoke, inform, celebrate, and respond to local and global events.

    DART 1F95
    9:00-­‐10:00 (Seminar)
    10:00-­‐1:00 (Studio/Lab)
    (W or R)
    (See calendar for details)

    contact dramatic.arts@brocku.ca for more information

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  • Looking for a unique Spring/Summer course? Register for DART 2F04: Introduction to Physical Theatre

    Theatre Beyond Words - object-based theatre and full-body mask

    Theatre Beyond Words – object-based theatre and full-body mask

    Looking for a unique Spring/Summer course? sign-up for a three week-long intensive Introduction to Physical Theatre taught by the resident theatre company of Brock University, Theatre Beyond Words, along with special guest artist Trevor Copp of the company Tottering Biped Theatre based in Burlington. www.totteringbiped.ca

    DART 2F04: Physical Theatre – Education through Collective Creation
    Students will explore a wide range of physical theatre styles (mask, mime, pantomime, graphics, theatrical clown, and commedia dell’arte) by recreating a series of scenes from professional repertoire using masks, puppets, costumes and sets from international touring theatre ensemble and Brock Resident Theatre Company, Theatre Beyond Words. This is a 3-week intensive, full-credit course, running 6 hours per day, 5 days per week. There will be a final performance for invited friends, family and staff at the end of the 3 three weeks. As this is a practicum course, attendance at all classes is mandatory.

    More information about this full-credit course may be found at https://brocku.ca/springsummer/courses/intro-to-physical-theatre

    Enrollment is limited to 20 students. Don’t delay!
    Applicants without previous theatre training at Brock University may enrol with permission of the instructor.

    for more information contact dramatic.arts@brocku.ca

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  • DART Spring and Summer courses open for registration March 9

    Snowbanks are deep and winter term still has weeks to go, but registration will soon open for Brock’s expanded Spring Summer 2015 course offerings.

    Two years of double-digit enrolment growth speak to the program’s booming popularity, and on March 9 registration will open for Spring Summer 2015.

    The 2015 course lineup can be viewed now at brocku.ca/springsummer/

    See the complete article here.

    DART courses available for registration include:

    Contact the Department for more information: dramatic.arts@brocku.ca or 905.688.5550

    A special opportunity to study in Ottawa at Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival!

    Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival (MNTF) takes place in Ottawa this year, and students in this three-credit undergraduate course (for University of Ottawa) will explore its past, present and future during one intense week focusing on theatre history, performance analysis and criticism. Students are expected to see all nine MNTF shows outside of class time (evenings and weekend).

    from the University of Ottawa:

    Special Summer Course Announced

    Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival (MNTF) takes place in Ottawa this June 2015, and students in this three-credit undergraduate course will explore its past, present, and future during one intense week. [read more].

    Students approach the Festival from a number of perspectives, as arts administrators, theatre historians, theatre critics, artistic directors, and arts consultants. They explore MNTF’s mandate and wider role in Canadian theatre; track the history of theatre festivals in Canada and MNTF’s place in this; engage with this year’s festival by viewing and reviewing many of its productions; and consider the festival’s role in disseminating and promoting Canadian theatre. Assessed outcomes include reviews of MNTF productions; optional engagement as a volunteer with the festival; and a final consultant’s report analyzing the 2015 MNTF. This course will be taught in English.


    See this document for all the details!

    Students from Canadian universities (such as Brock) may register as of Wednesday, April 15th but must first complete this form for the University of Ottawa, as well as this form at Brock University ASAP in order to receive a Letter of Permission to earn credit for the Ottawa course.  LOP’s are recorded as Pass or Fail on the Brock transcript. Once the course is finished, you must order a transcript to be sent directly to the Brock Registrar’s office to have a Pass awarded to you. This course will earn you 0.5 credit towards your Brock degree as a third-year level course.

    See here for more information about completing Letter of Permission courses at Brock University.

    Brock students would be reponsible for the Brock LOP application fee, tuition at the University of Ottawa, travel and accommodation costs as well as the Magnetic North Theatre Festival pass available at a discounted rate from the University of Ottawa and the fee for the Univerity of Ottawa transcript.

    At DART please contact Professor Karen Fricker for more information: kfricker@brocku.ca

    for most inquiries regarding the course at the University of Ottawa contact Ms Valérie Laframboise in the Faculty of Arts office at (613) 562-5800, extension 1132, or by e-mail at arts@uottawa.ca

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  • Hot off the presses: the DART Newsletter for 2011-12

    dart_newsletter_2011_thThe Department of Dramatic Arts (DART) Newsletter for 2011-12 is now available for download.
    Contents include information about the programs and Concentrations, annual production and presentation activity, special invited guests, faculty and staff, alumni accomplishments, student awards and bursaries, the Invitational process, and DART at the Stratford and Shaw Festivals.

    Paper copies are available upon request from dramatic.arts@brocku.ca

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  • Theory and Practice of Drama in Education with JONOTHAN NEELANDS Six-day intensive course

    DART 3V90: Theory and Practice of Drama in Education with JONOTHAN NEELANDS
    Six-day intensive course: Monday, July 25 – Saturday, July 30, 2011

    Through a combination of workshops, demonstrations, reflections, and lectures, this course examines models for the planning and teaching of process drama. It will provide the opportunity for students to examine the community effects of drama and its role in our personal and social development. This half-credit course will be intensely practical and relevant to teaching the full age range of children through to adults. The learning experiences will be supported by readings and other materials developed for sustainable learning.

    Jonothan Neelands is an internationally renowned drama-in-education professor who has written extensively about the use of drama as a learning medium. He has worked with teachers of all age groups, assisting them in understanding how they may employ process drama techniques in teaching a variety of subjects. He is the National Teaching Fellow, Chair of Drama and Theatre Education and Director of Teaching and Learning in the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick and an associate of the CAPITAL Centre for creativity and performance in teaching and learning, a joint initiative between the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and the University of Warwick. This project aims to improve the quality of Shakespeare teaching at all ages through an ensemble and rehearsal room pedagogic approach.

    A part of the Department of Dramatic Arts Visiting International Professor program, we are pleased to offer students the opportunity to study with someone of Dr. Neelands’ caliber.

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  • Articulation Agreement

    The Department of Dramatic Arts and the Theatre Arts program of Fanshawe College (London, Ontario) are delighted to announce a new Articulation Agreement beginning immediately. This degree-completion program awards a maximum of 10.0 credits to applicants with an overall 75% average upon transfer from the 2-year diploma in Theatre Arts Program at Fanshawe College (Performance, THP1).

    Please click here for more information. pdficon
    In 2008 the deadline for
    Domestic (Canadian) Applicants is June 2.
    Please click here for more information about the application process. 
    NB: Transfer students usually require an OUAC 105D-type application

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