Programs offered

BA Honours in Dramatic Arts,
with Co-op program option.

Concentrations are available in Drama in Education and Applied Theatre, Performance, Production and Design and Theatre Praxis.

Concurrent BA (Honours, Dramatic Arts)/BEd
Concurrent BA Integrated Studies (Honours)/BEd

BA with Major Dramatic Arts degree (four-year program)

BA (three-year program)

Certificate program in Drama in Education and Applied Theatre

Minor in Dramatic Arts

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Two students painting chairs in the production studio


Concentration in Drama in Education and Applied Theatre

This focuses on drama outside traditional theatre spaces, including theatre in the community, in hospitals, in prisons and in educational settings. Students who choose this concentration often pursue careers as drama teachers or arts workers.

Concentration in Performance

Students in the Concentration in Performance develop the foundations of stage performance, while engaging in script analysis, critical and reflective writing and speaking and creative research, allowing them to develop as “actor creators,” theatre artists who can create their own work.

Concentration in Production and Design

Students in the Concentration in Production and Design develop a fundamental understanding of, and ability to apply, approaches to design and technology. They respond to dramatic texts and creative processes, engage with emerging and innovative technologies and study visual and spatial histories.

Concentration in Theatre Praxis

In the Concentration in Theatre Praxis, students examine various relationships between performance theory and performance practice. Emphasis is placed on the ability to think, write and speak critically about the cultural, historical and material relations of theatre and performance.