Shaw Festival Internship

Brock’s Department of Dramatic Arts (DART) has partnered with the Shaw Festival to provide internships to graduating students since 2011. Internships focus on diverse aspects of production at the Festival including performance, design, technical production, directing, arts management and education. Throughout the program, individuals will receive integrated exposure to the scope of the Shaw experience.

This is an excellent opportunity to:

  • observe artists, creators, and technicians who are working at the top of their game
  •  network with senior and peer artists and potential collaborators
  • develop an informed sense of the opportunities in the professional theatre world

The Shaw internship creates a stepping stone between the university world and the student’s future career path. Students bridge what they learn in the classroom with the processes the Shaw utilizes, while gaining experience in a professional environment and making industry connections.

DART students are eligible to apply for this intensive residency at the end of their third year.

Co-ops and summer contract work at the Shaw has also been available to DART students, and alumni of the program have also worked for the festival full-time.

Students have also enjoyed connecting with the Shaw Festival through DART 4Y92: Text and Performance at the Shaw Festival Theatre. During the course, students attend festival performances and interact with Festival staff and artists.

Shaw Interns share their experiences working at Shaw Festival through a blog format. To follow along and learn more about their experiences, read more below.

Image Caption: Ava Robitaille, a fourth-year Dramatic Arts student, has been selected for an internship at the Shaw Festival for the 2023 season.

Ava Robitaille
2023 Shaw Festival Intern

Dramatic Arts (DART) student Ava Robitaille was selected for an internship at the Shaw Festival for the 2023 season, allowing her to dive deeper into directing and add to her growing list of skills.

Follow along and learn more about Ava’s eight-week internship and journey with the professional theatre company working behind the scenes on a number of shows and performances.

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