VPR Canada Games Grants program

The 2022 Canada Summer Games is coming to Niagara, and Brock University researchers and scholars are encouraged to play a part in it!

Brock’s role as a key partner opens up unprecedented opportunities to study the athletic, economic, political, social and cultural impacts that hosting a major sport event such as a Canada Games have on the immediate community and surrounding area. To support this research and scholarship, the Office of the Vice-President, Research has created the VPR Canada Games Grants program.

Grants, valued up to $7,000 per single project, enable Brock University researchers and scholars from all departments and faculties at Brock to undertake research or a creative activity in any discipline and on any topic that relates to the Canada Games.

The grant could be used to hire student research assistants, cover research travel expenses, purchase research tools and supplies for creative activities, pay costs associated with data collection and community outreach, and for knowledge mobilization/translation.

The purpose of the VPR Canada Games Grants program is to:

  • allow for small-scale innovation and experimentation by providing funding to develop a research project or creative activity related to the Canada Games;
  • enable researchers to hire students at any level to participate in their project or activity thereby contributing to their professional development; and
  • build research capacity across all disciplines. Transdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged.

If you are a Brock researcher interested in applying for the 2021 VPR Canada Games Research Grant, see the grant guidelines and application form posted on the Research Enterprise Sharepoint site.

Research eligible under the VPR Canada Games Grants program

The research and scholarship covered by the grant could range from studying the process of planning and hosting a major sport event to the development of major games from the days of antiquity to gathering a wide array of community-created data from Niagara or holding a Games-related art exhibition.

These and other diverse, multidisciplinary research areas will involve researchers from all areas of the University, from Humanities to Business to Social Sciences to Education to the Sciences and Applied Health Sciences.

To learn about some of the research 2019, 2020 and 2021 VPR Canada Games Grant Program recipients are conducting, visit the Brock-Canada Games Research Profiles page.