DART Performances in 2012-13


The Suicide – A Russian Comedy

November 8-10, 2012 at 7:30 PM
Student Matinee: November 09 at 11:30 AM

A Russian Comedy by Nikolai Erdman
Adapted by: Gyllian Raby and Anna MacAlpine
Director: Gyllian Raby
Russian Consultant: Larisa Brodsky
Set Design: Nigel Scott
Costume Design: Roberta Doylend
Lighting Design: Ken Garrett
Assistant Director: Dylan Sylvester
Assistant Designer and Poster Design: Stephanie Baxter
Music Director: Anna MacAlpine
Movement: Trevor Copp, with Rachel Romanowski

A classic comedy that satirizes the New society which was developing in Russia under Lenin’s New Economic Policy of 1924 – a program that many communists considered to be a step backwards for communism. A fast moving, unpretentious examination of hubris and lifestyle and its expression in style: physical poise, dress and drawl. An examination of conformity. The play is ultimately very homely in its definition of human happiness with the physicalized characters, balancing serious satire and comedy.

Themes: big items in the human condition: love, ego, appetite, meaning of life and social convention.

There is NO mature language or sexual content and the violence is “keystone cops” – this show is fine for youth.

Tickets: Adults $15.00, Students/Seniors $12.00, Groups $10.00, eyeGo $5.00. H.S.T. extra.


The Blue Room

By David Hare, freely adapted from Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde

Director: Virginia Reh
Scenographer: David Vivian
Lighting Design: Ken Garrett
Assistant Director: Jessi Robinson

February 14, 15 & 16, 2013: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Matinee: February 15, 2013: 1pm – 3 pm

Directed by Professor Virginia Reh, The Blue Room is David Hare’s 1998 adaptation of Schnitzler’s Reigen (La Ronde), first produced in 1921. The plot is a “sexual daisychain”: the Girl couples with the Cab Driver, then the Cab Driver with the Au Pair, etc. Each time the new participant in one scene moves on to the next scene and so on, until in the final scene the Girl returns and encounters the Aristocrat. The play looks at casual sexual encounters as a (mostly) unsatisfactory substitute for human connection. This is a universal and timeless quest. The play is an important exploration with diverse current points-of-view: as each character has encounters with two different partners, the play explores the shifting status relationships (both social and personal). The relational dynamics of the play have interesting correspondences to explorations on social media.

Tickets: Adults $15.00, Students/Seniors $12.00, Groups $10.00, eyeGo $5.00. H.S.T. extra.


For Mainstage performances:

  • appropriate for High School-Age Audiences
  • Shows may contain mature language and situations
  • Post-performance Q&A with the actors and creative team are available for both productions.
  • Teacher Workshops are available
  • Audience Maximum: (535) Sean O’Sullivan Theatre


Single Student rate: $12
Groups rates are available:
10-20=$10.00 ea;
21-30=$9.00 ea;
31-40=$8.00 ea;
41-50=$7.00 ea;
over 50=$6.00 ea.

DART 4F56 Collective Creation Performance:

An Acre of Time

By Jason Sherman

April 11, 12 & 13, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.
A government land surveyor (Julia) uncovers the history of an acre of land near the Ottawa River, a barren rectangle that contains the memories of all who passed through it, from the last native hunter to the first white settler. Somehow, the layers of loss, land and remembrance enable Julia to grasp what she needs in order to let go.

Location: Room ST107 (Studio Theatre) Schmon Tower, Brock Campus
Admission: Donations accepted

This is part of the Industrial Fabric 3 program.

Other Events at DART:

Community Theatre Production
Production scheduled March, 2013
Time and Location TBA

One Acts Festival
(showcasing student Directors from DART 3P54)
March 2013 – various times TBA
Location:  ST 107 “Studio Theatre” and ST 103 “Black”
contact the Department for Details

Gimme 2 Festival
(showcasing first-year performance students)
October, 2012 – first term
March, 2013 – second term
Location:  ST 107 “Studio Theatre” TBC

Independent Productions

. . . check out the other performances in the Dramatic Arts community at Brock. To read about course-related performances, student and independent productions, please see the DARTboard

Announcing $5.00 Fridays!

Visiting High School students meet with members of the Ring Round the Moon company after the Schools’ Matinee in November, 2006

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