DART Invitational

The DART Invitational is part of the admissions process for students interested in entering the Department of Dramatic Arts (DART) at Brock University. AFTER receiving a conditional offer of admission from the university, applicants for the Dramatic Arts and BA/BED Intermediate-Senior (Dramatic Arts) programs must register in and successfully complete the DART Invitational before a final admission decision is made.

The DART Invitational is a program of workshops and theatre activities that introduce you to our four unique concentration areas while enabling you to excel in your areas of strength and interest. You’ll work in a group to devise a short, original piece of theatre, and engage with many of our faculty, staff, current students and alumni.

The DART Invitational is an exciting, full day event of workshops that will introduce you to all facets of theatre study our program offers – from drama in education and applied theatre, to production and design, to performance and theatre praxis. Whereas most drama programs ask you to prepare a classical monologue and give you a two-minute opportunity to “impress the judges,” we will be taking you through a series of workshops which will allow you to walk away with some introductory skills as well as an original piece of theatre you’ve created with peers.

When is it?
Saturday, March 2 & Saturday, May 4, 2019

How much does it cost?
There is a registration fee of $80.59 ($75.00 + $5.59 administration fee) which includes materials, snack, refreshments and lunch.

Need a printable option?

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Register for the DART Invitational

Are you applying to the Department of Dramatic Arts? Once you have received your conditional offer of admission you will be invited to register and reserve your place in the DART Invitational. Registration is now open.