After graduation

Pedagogical practices and performance, design, and technical skills are theorized and integrated in various ways with the study of critical thinking, theatre history, dramaturgy and dramatic literature. DART also provides an excellent foundation for further studies, whether for teaching certificates, at acting conservatories, or university graduate studies at the master’s or doctoral level.

Professions in the field:
Actors, agents, literary managers, applied theatre practitioners, managers of personnel and human resources, arts administrators, marketing designers and publicists, artistic directors, student guidance officers, producers, comedians, theatre technicians, community facilitators, script writers, costume designers, sound recording engineers, directors, camera operators, stage managers, dramaturges/script doctors, drama teachers (elementary school, high school, college, university), event planners, wardrobe managers, drama therapists, voice and speech therapists, lawyers, architectural technicians, conflict negotiators, standardized patient trainers, and corporate leadership trainers.

Graduate spotlight

Deanna Jones, Bachelor of Arts graduate

Deanna Jones graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Theatre degree in 2002.
“At Brock University, I gained a well-rounded knowledge of theatre, from theatrical design to playwriting, from all things technical to critical theory, theatre history, acting, directing, collaborative creation, dramatic literature and more. Most of all, through my experience at Brock I began to find my own voice as an artist and bonded with peers, professors and instructors with whom I could collaborate and share inspiration.

Faculty at Brock inspired my postgraduate studies with One Yellow Rabbit (Canada), Philippe Gaulier (France), and the SITI Company (USA). Then several Brock classmates and I formed our own theatre company in St. Catharines, Suitcase in Point, and began to craft our own work. To date, I have participated in the creation of more than 15 new Canadian plays. We’ve been featured in Canadian Theatre Review, showcased at multiple national festivals, and produce In the Soil, a multidisciplinary arts festival in downtown St. Catharines every April. These are among the achievements that all stemmed from my studies at Brock in the DART program.

I am incredibly thankful for my time spent at Brock University. It has formed me as an artist and a collaborator, and is the base of my life as a theatre creator.”

Student work

Dramatic Arts production

From our students

“The solid foundation I gained at Brock afforded me the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in dramatic literature and theory at the University of Guelph, and training in the acting program at the National Theatre School of Canada. I am now in my seventh season in the ensemble at the Shaw Festival, and my academic studies have greatly enriched and informed my work as an actor.”

Julia Course, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Dramatic Arts, first-class standing, 2005

“I can unequivocally state that my time spent in Brock’s Dramatic Arts program has assisted me in becoming the best version of myself. The courses prepared me to teach, perform, and set and meet goals. Ultimately, the program encouraged me to be a creative and dynamic educator and active citizen who has empathy for others and cultivates meaningful and mindful lives.”

Mary Code, BA/BEd, 2013, MEd, 2015; drama teacher Fieldstone King’s College School

Alumni news

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