After graduation

Pedagogical practices and performance, design, and technical skills are theorized and integrated in various ways with the study of critical thinking, theatre history, dramaturgy and dramatic literature. DART also provides an excellent foundation for further studies, whether for teaching certificates, at acting conservatories, or university graduate studies at the master’s or doctoral level.

Professions in the field:
Actors, agents, literary managers, applied theatre practitioners, managers of personnel and human resources, arts administrators, marketing designers and publicists, artistic directors, student guidance officers, producers, comedians, theatre technicians, community facilitators, script writers, costume designers, sound recording engineers, directors, camera operators, stage managers, dramaturges/script doctors, drama teachers (elementary school, high school, college, university), event planners, wardrobe managers, drama therapists, voice and speech therapists, lawyers, architectural technicians, conflict negotiators, standardized patient trainers, and corporate leadership trainers.

Alumni news

Dramatic Arts likes to stay in touch with our Alumni. DART faculty and staff collaborate, engage, support and liaise with our graduates many years after their undergraduate studies. Read about the alumni of the Dramatic Arts program.
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