Concurrent Teacher Education Years 1 to 4 Student Resources

In addition to course work Concurrent Teacher Education students may enjoy these experiences unique to the Faculty of Education.

We have unique professional development opportunities relevant to your teaching career. These events are limited to students in the Faculty of Education and will help you: build unique skills, differentiate your resume, meet new people, track on your Experience Plus transcript (automatically), plus flex your schedule by attending at Hamilton or St. Catharines campus (when offered).

What’s Happening
  1. Teaching in First Nations’ Community – Information session. St Catharines Pond Inlet. Register here
  2. February 6 – STEAM workshop by Crayola at the St Catharines campus. Registration here
  3. February 19 – Below Zero – World Wildlife Federation – Environmental Education – Certification provide. Information and registration link St Catharines or Hamilton
  4. March 27 – Science Teachers Association of Ontario – Attend the workshops virtually supported by DSBN teachers and Brock Faculty members. Registration TBD (Free)
  5. SMART Board certification is available online. Initial training is free. Final certification has fees associated. Link here

All year one Concurrent Teacher Education students are required to attend an important mandatory meeting which will be offered at various times in the Fall.

A minor designation may be an option for students in the Concurrent Teacher Education BA and BSc Programs at the Junior/Intermediate level and for students with some second teachable subjects at the Intermediate/Senior level.

  • Please note: students are responsible for checking the list of available minors and requirements in the current Undergraduate Calendar.
  • Students in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program who wish to obtain a minor within an undergraduate degree should follow the instructions listed below:
    • Print the Form for Request to Declare a Minor for Concurrent Education Students and complete the student information.
    • Submit the form (above) to the Academic Advising, Professional and Undergraduate Programs Office. (WH8A) The courses already taken towards a minor will be noted and further minimum requirements according to the current Undergraduate Calendar will be listed. The form will be sent to the appropriate department for signature. Once approved, you will be notified by email and the form will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office.

Teachable subjects, if applicable, must be declared by the end of first year. Watch your Brock email for communication later in April. Students in junior-intermediate programs must declare one teachable subject. Students in intermediate-senior programs must declare their 2nd teachable. Students in Primary-Junior programs do not declare a teachable subject.

Some, but not all, programs require students to complete an application for 4th year. A link to the form is posted here in February.

  • Programs REQUIRING an application for 4th year: BA CHYS/BEd primary/junior, and all intermediate/senior programs except BPhEd/BEd
  • Programs NOT requiring an application for 4th year: All junior/intermediate programs and BPhEd/BEd intermediate/senior

Please follow any additional instructions you may receive from your undergraduate degree department/adviser. Not completing this requirement may affect your ability to register in courses next year.

Students may be able to apply to complete their degree at the Hamilton campus. Watch your Brock email for communication later in the fall term.