Faculty and staff

For a list of contacts for each department, program or centre, please see this page.

* Consult for graduate advisement availability and research interests.

A list of Teacher Education Sessional Instructors is available here.


Armstrong, Denise* — Professor


Bajovic, Mira* — Assistant Professor
Barrett, Joe — Associate Professor
Bennett, Sheila — Professor
Bernat, Ethna — Manager (Academic Advising, Professional and Undergraduate Programs)
Blaikie, Fiona* — Professor
Boone, Jody — Administrative Coordinator, Continuing Teacher Education
Bosacki, Sandra* — Professor
Brown, Hilary — Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Professional Undergraduate Student Services
Buchanan, Dorothy — Coordinator, Professional Learning for Students, Recruitment and Retention (Professional and Undergraduate Programs)
Burger, Wanda — Graduate Student Coordinator


Chambers, Betty — Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs
Chanhsavang, Diem — Placement Officer, Professional and Undergraduate Student Services
Cherubini, Lorenzo — Professor
Ciuffetelli Parker, Darlene* — Professor
Collier, Diane* — Associate Professor


Davis, Martha — Academic Adviser (Adult Education, Professional and Undergraduate Programs)
Della Porta, Sandra – Assistant Professor
DiBiase, Ann-Marie* — Associate Professor/Undergaduate Coordinator
Di Cesare, Dane Marco — Assistant Professor
DiPetta, Tony — Associate Professor
Dover, Tamara — Library and Media Production Assistant
Drake, Susan* — Professor


Fazio, Xavier* — Professor
Figg, Candace* — Professor


Gallagher, Tiffany* — Professor; Director, Brock Learning Lab
García Vega, Cecilia — Graduate Student Support Coordinator
Genkin, David — Interim Manager, Computer Services
Giancola, Dino — Media and Computer Technicion, Hamilton Campus
Griffin, Shelley* — Associate Professor


Hands, Catherine* — Associate Professor
Harwood, Debra* — Professor
Henry, Bobby (Stanley) — Lecturer
Hill, Randy — Lecturer and Curriculum Coordinator
Hooper, Sally* — Assistant Professor
Hutchison, David* — Professor


Jaipal-Jamani, Kamini* — Professor


Karrow, Doug* — Associate Professor
Kewley, Clinton — International Student Services Coordinator & Instructor
Khirwadkar, Anjali — Assistant Professor
Kit, Janice — Administrative Coordinator, Teacher Education
Kitchen, Julian* — Professor
Kuchapski, Renee — Associate Professor
Kumar, Rahul — Assistant Professor


Landman, Tarryn— Marketing and Communications Officer
Larmon, Danielle – Administrative Assistant
Li, CrystalAdministrative Assistant to the Associate Dean Professional Undergraduate Student Services, and the Associate Dean Graduate Research and International
Li, Xiaobin* — Associate Professor
Longboat, Catherine — Assistant Professor
Lu, Chunlei* — Professor


McDonnell, Pina — Academic Adviser (Professional and Undergraduate Programs)
McGean, Sarah — Administrative Coordinator & Academic Advisor, Tecumseh Centre
McGinn, Michelle — Professor
McGray, Robert* — Associate Professor
McQuirter, Ruth — Professor
Mgombelo, Joyce* — Associate Professor
Mindzak, Michael* — Assistant Professor
Mogadime, Dolana* — Professor
Mozol, Teresa — Circulation Assistant (IRC)
Muir, Wendy — Administrative Coordinator, Hamilton Campus


Nagy, Brittany — Office Assistant
Norris, Trevor* — Associate Professor


O’Sullivan, Michael — Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate Student Services, Research, and International (ADGRI)
Owen, Michael — Professor and Dean, Faculty of Education


Paul, Lissa* — Professor
Pelchat, Kim — Manager, IRC
Plavinskis, Sandra — Administrative Director, Adult Education


Ratković, Snežana* — Research Officer
Reynolds, Natalie — Administrative Assistant, Practicum, Professional and Undergraduate Programs
Rutherford, Camille — Associate Professor


Savage, Michael* — Associate Professor
Simmons, Nicola* — Assistant Professor
Smith, Sharon — Circulation Clerk (IRC)
Smythe, Michelle — Placement Officer, Professional and Undergraduate Programs
Somma, Monique — Assistant Professor
Sparman, Cara – Academic Advisor (Professional and Undergraduate Programs)
Spiece, Sharon — Executive Assistant to the Dean of Education
Sydor, Susan* — Assistant Professor and Interim Director, Tecumseh Centre


Taber, Nancy* — Professor
Taylor, Leanne* — Associate Professor
Tilley, Susan* — Professor
Tuck, Kyle — Systems Administrator & Ed. Tech. Coordinator


Vanderlee, Mary-Louise* — Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Studies
Vansickle, Sherri — Lecturer
Vietgen, Peter — Associate Professor
Virtue, SusanManager, International Programs
Volante, Louis* — Professor


Welbourn, Shannon — Library and Media Services Supervisor (IRC)
Windjack, James — User Support Technician
Winters, Kari-Lynn* — Associate Professor
Woloshyn, Vera* — Professor


Ye, Elizabeth – International Program Coordinator
Yeager, Deborah — Assistant Professor