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Be sure to review the important information regarding your course syllabus. The average calculator will allow students to estimate marks in their current and future courses to determine how it will impact their average. Please read the instructions carefully. Remember to monitor this page as additional information may be added at different times of the year!


  1. Enter the details for each course, its weight (0.5 or 1.0 credits worth), and the final grade.
  2. If you have retaken a course, enter only the second attempt as the first attempt does not count towards your average.
  3. As per Brock University policy, for average calculations the lowest possible grade is 45%. So for any course that has a mark lower than 45, simply enter 45.
  4. You can use this tool to forecast future grades to determine the percentage needed to achieve specific average goals. To do so, simply input courses that you are taking (or plan to take) along with the course weight and enter the grade you plan on obtaining.

If you have any questions regarding your Brock averages please contact Brock Academic Advising. The averages shown on your Program Status screen ( are considered correct.

Average Calculator

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Calculated Student Average


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View your course syllabus as a roadmap that will guide you through your course.  Its purpose is to provide direction for your successful completion of the course. A syllabus is a(n):

  • Statement of course goals and learning outcomes
  • Definition of course expectations
  • Contract between instructor and you
  • Identification of your responsibilities
  • Overview of the course

Take the time to read your entire syllabus at the beginning of the term.  Get a head start and use your syllabus to:

  • Plan and prioritize assignments
  • Take effective notes
  • Prepare for seminars and exams

Information you may find in your syllabus includes:

  • Contact info for professor and TA
  • Location and time of lectures and seminars
  • Required texts and readings
  • Course description, goals, objectives
  • Due dates for assignments, test dates
  • Breakdown of marks
  • Format for assignments (APA, MLA)
  • Course policies
  • Lecture schedule

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