About us

The Faculty of Education has a rich history and an exciting future. Learn more about the faculty, past, present and future, below.

In 1965, the Faculty of Education at Brock University began operating as the St. Catharines Teachers’ College. We have evolved into one of the best most highly respected Faculties of Education in Canada and around the world, with a stellar reputation for our programs, our people, our research, our service, our teaching, and our partnerships, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Historical background

In 1965, through a special arrangement between Brock University and the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Faculty of Education began operating as the St. Catharines Teachers’ College. When the St. Catharines Teachers’ College became integrated with Brock University in 1971, we became the College of Education, boasting a new building, Welch Hall, adjacent to the Schmon Tower. At that time, in addition to the pre-service program, the College offered practicing teachers Additional Qualification courses. Our first Master’s in Education degree was awarded at Spring convocation in 1976. In 1989 the College of Education became known as the Faculty of Education. This was done to better reflect our academic relationship within Brock University.

Over the past 48 years we have grown into one of the most prestigious Faculties of Education in Canada and globally, with a superb record for research, teaching, learning and service. Currently, we have over 17,000 undergraduate alumni, and over 4,000 graduate student alumni. We have over 7,000 students engaged in full and part time studies, 55 staff member and 70 full time faculty members. We operate from three locations: our campuses in St. Catharines and Hamilton and the Brock Centre for Research and Innovation.