Education abroad in the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education wants you to come, and then go away!

Of students that added an international experience to their higher education:
(CBIE 2015 A World of Learning)


said it contributed to their career achievements


said that it is still relevant in their current career


said that they did so to increase their employability

In addition to working with the university-wide Education Abroad office, there are a number of ways you can arrange for an international experience of your own through the Faculty of Education:

Early childhood

Concurrent students (years 1-4), Bachelor of Early Childhood Education students, and graduate students would work with Susan Melnichuk, Manager, International Programs ( to design your own education abroad experience using independent study courses and service providers, or your own self-identified location.

Teacher Education (concurrent years 5-6 or consecutive)

Students would contact Michelle Smythe, Placement Officer ( to learn about how to fit an international experience into your program.

Already graduated and an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT)?

There are still opportunities available through the Additional Qualifications program.