Faculty of Education International Student Guide

Brock University’s Faculty of Education (FOE) welcomes our international students! Scroll for services available in the FOE, on campus, and beyond.


2023 Orientations:

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Post Doctoral Affairs sends out orientation and onboarding emails to students starting in June, so continue to monitor your Brock email for important information.

Students who require Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSC) to work or volunteer with members of vulnerable populations. You will need to show your VSC to your supervisor before starting a placement, working, or volunteering at schools, long-term care facilities, hospitals, and other organizations where you will come into contact with vulnerable populations. Students in the Advanced Certificate programs (CCES and LCBE) should plan to apply for the VSC soon after their arrival in Canada.

Applying for the Vulnerable Sector Check: 

  • VSC processing times can vary significantly (from minutes to weeks) based on the time of year one applies and the applicant’s location. So, start the process early to prevent complications with your internship. 
  • Review the website of your local police services unit to determine what information you will need to complete the application process. Kindly refer to the appropriate link below. 
  • Your placement supervisor may request your original VSC before you start
  • Note that jurisdictions may have different application procedures and processing times. It is your responsibility to become informed about the process for your local area. 

Select the appropriate Police Services Unit below for specific details. 

Faculty of Education undergraduate and Advanced Certificate students can contact Jessie Fehrman, Experiential Education Coordinator, at jfehrman@brocku.ca for assistance.

The Faculty of Education is located in R.S. Robert Welch Hall (Welch Hall or WH in short form), where many of your classes will be held.

  • You will have access to free WiFi across campus
  • Most students bring a laptop to class to take notes
  • Study spaces are located in and around the Atrium on all four levels
  • You can add credit to your myBrock card to print. The printer is located on the ground floor level of Welch Hall, near the Atrium
  • Read more about printing here: Print, Copy & Scan – Brock University Library
  • Computer Lab is located on the ground level (WH76)
    • To gain access to the rooms, permission is needed by completing the form at the link and use your Student ID Card to gain access.
    • Proximity Card Access Form

Helpful information from across campus and beyond


Many of your course instructors will require that you submit papers in the “APA” style. APA style provides a standardized way to format papers and cite sources.

  • Brightspace is the online learning management system used to manage course content and materials
  • Access to your courses will be provided by your instructor on or before your first day of class
  • You may see references to the previous Learning Management System called SAKAI
  • The university course Calendar lists all courses.
  • It acts as the official document that dictates the policies and regulations in place.
  • For example, you are beginning during the 2022 academic year, so the 2022-23 Calendar will become your guideline.

Students can expect to pay $800 to $1000 per year on textbooks.

Your course instructor will provide a syllabus that outlines which textbooks you will need. The syllabus is usually handed out on the first day of class.

The Brock Bookstore will know in advance which textbooks are required for each class, and you can preorder them. Check under the COURSE MATERIALS tab on their homepage: Home – Brock University Campus Store

Requests for transcripts can only be made by the student: Transcript Requests,

UNDERGRADUATE Confirmation of Enrollment: See instructions under “Requests for Documentation” on: Forms and self-service – Office of the Registrar (brocku.ca)

GRADUATE: Follow instructions here: Student forms – Graduate Studies (brocku.ca)


From your phone’s store, look for:

  • Brock Recreation: the most up-to-date of sports information
  • Brock Safety: to ensure the health and safety, physically, and mentally, in emergency
  • Brock University: student-focused app to provide convenient access to resources
  • St. Catharines Transit: real-time transit information in St. Catharines.

Brock’s central International Student Services office has additional information regarding your move, including immigration, how to drive, electricity, and cell phones.

Planning your move to Brock University: Plan your move to Brock University – International

Brock University Student Association (BUSA) arranges for a discounted bus pass:

  • The bus pass fee is mandatory, regardless of whether you use the bus or not.
  • Runs from September to April.

During the summer (May to August) you may purchase (2022):

  • single fare for $3 (No exchange), OR
  • 10-ride pass for $26 (available on campus or the St. Transit APP), OR
  • monthly pass for $92 (available at the Transit office, or the St. Catharine’s Transit APP)

The Faculty of Education is in Welch Hall, although your classes can be held across campus.

We will host workshops offered by Brock’s Career Education office throughout the year on how to look for work, write a resume and create a Linkedin profile. You can also make individual appointments with them as well.

Other services that Career Education offers:

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory fee.

  • Family members can be included by notifying the UHIP office upon arrival in Canada (do so right away, otherwise there is a $500 fine)
  • Ask for the UHIP coordinator at the International Center, 2nd floor reception desk (Building GLN).
  • Your student account will then be billed in September for the entire year (September to August).

The Student Union also provides extended Health and Dental Plans called StudentVIP: StudentVIP.ca

Living on campus provides the convenience of being able to walk to classes and having easy access to all of the facilities. Plan to apply early as availability is limited. See the BEYOND BROCK section for off-campus housing options.

Residences at Brock (brocku.ca)

Brock International Services provides helpful information and links to resources. If you are going to hire someone to help you file your study permit application, make sure that they are licensed with the Immigration Consultants of Canada

All students receive a free account to Office 365, which provides a suite of programs and applications.

Download this product to your laptop or use it online.

  • You are suggested to activate your student account and Brock email using your Student ID# (found on your Letter of Admission) as soon as possible.
  • Obtain Student ID Card during Orientation (bring your passport and Letter of Admission). Before orientation, we will correspond with you via the personal email provided in your application materials.
  • If you are not able to gain access, it could be that your password has expired.
  • From your mybrock account you will see your class schedule (after registration has been completed) and view your financial history.
  • Login Screen (need your Student ID#)
  • Instructions for Account Activation
  • Reset password

The Brock University Student Union coordinates the Bus pass, as well as providing services (such as the Grocery Shuttle).


Most international students arrive at the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). From arrivals at Toronto Pearson go to the ground level and then check in at the Out-of-town bus service near doors “S”. Use the following Brock University address for GPS or driver instructions: 1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 3A1.

Closest intersection is Glenridge Avenue and St. David’s Road.

Note: You should plan to arrive at least 3-4 days before classes begin to acclimate yourself to the area and get over any jet lag.

There is a branch of the Scotiabank on campus as well as ATMs that access all banks. All major banks in Canada (RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank) are government-regulated, have special programs for international students and branches within a bus ride of campus.

For bill pay banking from a Canadian account:

  • Search for “Brock” in your bank’s online system
  • Choose “Brock Tuition and Residence.”
  • Use your Student ID# as the account number. If your bank is asking for more numbers, add zeros to the front
  • It will take a couple of days for your money to get from your bank to Brock, so plan ahead to meet due dates
  • See Brock’s Student Financial Aid website on how to make a payment using your Canadian bank’s bill pay feature: Making a payment – Student Accounts & Financial Aid (brocku.ca)

Brock’s International office also has a helpful website page that includes more information on this topic at VIP/VIS/UM Welcome Guide – International (brocku.ca).

If you are a full-time university student in a degree program your minor children may attend public K-12 schools at no additional charge. There are also private and Montessori-style schools in the area. Daycare is available on Brock’s campus and private individuals or church programs may advertise on Kijiji. Daycare Centres often have long waiting lists (can be over a year depending on the age of the child), so apply early! Children are not permitted in the classroom.

See the next section for information on housing. Please refer to the link for Brock International for immigration advising.

Brock’s International office also has a helpful website page that includes more information on this topic at VIP/VIS/UM Welcome Guide – International (brocku.ca).

The St. Catharines community has a variety of housing options for students. The Glenridge, Downtown and Thorold neighbourhoods require only one bus to reach campus (note that while Thorold looks close on the map, because of the highway system surrounding it, it is difficult to walk from). Limited bus service is available from Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Welland. Commuting from cities outside of the Niagara Region is difficult because of limited public transportation options and traffic.

Much of the housing information is geared towards single students. If you are looking for larger apartments or houses also consider the resources below.

And please, please be aware of rental scams:

Beware of Rental Scams!

The Ontario rental market is extremely competitive, especially for rentals beginning September 1. We would like to remind students who are looking for a place to live off-campus for the coming school year – especially those who are not going to be in Niagara Region over the summer for in-person viewings – that landlord/rental housing scams are real and on the rise in Ontario and can happen to an unsuspecting renter. 

Here are our best tips to help you avoid getting scammed:

  • Conduct basic research. Be suspicious of any rent or unit that has a price that is listed is far below market value or sounds too good to be true.
  • When looking for a rental, never rent sight unseen and always meet the landlord in person. Consider renting from verified property management companies if you are renting from outside of Niagara region and are unable to schedule an in-person viewing.
  • Landlords can only legally ask for first and last month’s rent and a refundable key deposit, which should be paid at the time of signing the lease. No other fees are legal.
  • Never pay a rental deposit with cash, wire transfer, Moneygram, Bitcoin, or MoneyPak, as these forms of payment are impossible to track.

For more information or to consult with a member of the Brock University Off Campus Living Team, please email ocl@brocku.ca

Here are some more common rental scam “red flags”🚩  

🚩The landlord/property owner states that they have another renter who is willing to give more money than originally requested, and to secure the property the student must wire money.
🚩A security deposit or first month’s rent is requested first, before the student can ‘view’ the property.
🚩The landlord/property owner states an ‘agency’ will show the property and deliver the keys. If the property is privately owned and not operated by a property management company, confirm that the agent represents a reputable leasing company first.
🚩The landlord/property owner is out-of-country and unable to show the property personally.
🚩The landlord/property owner asks a student to ‘wire’ money.
🚩The landlord/property owner requests that a lease be filled out prior to viewing the property
🚩The landlord/property owner is pressuring you or rushing you to make a decision

Stay up to date with all things off-campus! Off-Campus Living quarterly newsletter provides information to students living off-campus or thinking about living off-campus, including: housing services, covid-19 safety and rental implications, important rental timelines, upcoming events and resources. Haven’t subscribed? Click here to sign-up for the newsletter.

Brock University is in the city of St. Catharines in the Niagara Region, which is located in the “Golden Horseshoe” part of southern Ontario.

You will be living within driving distance of local wineries, world-famous Niagara Falls, Toronto and New York. We hope you take the time from your studies to explore.

Brock’s International office also has a helpful website page that includes more information on this topic at VIP/VIS/UM Welcome Guide – International (brocku.ca).

St. Catharines usually experiences milder temperatures than the rest of Southern Ontario.

  • In September the weather will be mild, with temperatures from 13º to 23º C.
  • By mid-October it will begin to cool.
  • By January there should be some snow, with temperatures ranging from -8º C to 0º C. 
  • Wind can lower the temperature considerably (this is called ‘wind chill’).For more information about the weather and seasons in London, visit our page on Weather in Canada.

TipIf you are coming from a warmer climate, plan to purchase your cold-weather clothing here instead of back home, where the construction of the coat might not be designed to really keep you warm.


Susan Virtue, MEd, Global & Partnership Manager
Global & Partnership Office Website


Note: Information presented is subject to change without notice. Please see the linked website pages as provided, and/or the Brock University Registrar’s office Office of the Registrar (brocku.ca) and Brock Student Accounts & Financial Aid Student Accounts & Financial Aid (brocku.ca) websites for updates and official details.